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Mount Kailash is considered to be one of the holiest spots for Hindus to undertake a pilgrimage. Since it is considered sacrilegious  to step on the mountain, most pilgrims undertake a parikrama walking around the base of the mountain. To undertake this is, in itself, no small feat as it calls for endurance training, sheer grit and determination. Planning for this trip needs to start now as Mount Kailash is accessible only between May and August.

Read about the planning done by our writer Samanvitha Rao in this two-part series on Mount Kailash. First, she heads to Mount Shasta to train and finds herself careening down the mountain face. Find out why in

Having hardened her resolve and determined to do the Kailash parikrama along with a friend, she heads to Mount Kailash in late spring, and is greeted with altitude sickness. Read about how she combats altitude sickness to begin the parikrama and the obstacles along the way in