Each year, the NNA’s Notary of the Year Selection Committee chooses from an impressive group of nominees who best exemplify the ideals of integrity, impartiality, competence,selflessness and public service in the critical role of protecting the citizenry from ID theft anddocument fraud. The Notary of the Year Award is the highest honor given to Notaries Public inthe United States.This award is given annually to the American Notary Public whose highly dedicated,exemplary and ethical service to the community has distinguished this individual from all otherNotaries. More information can be found on this link :

This year, a well known “ Community oriented Notary Public – Nathan Ganeshan of NathanNotary, San Jose, was selected as one of the “five finalists for the Notary of the Year 2012 award” and then later recognized as the “2012 Notary of the Year Special Honoree” at the recently concluded 34th Annual conference in June at San Diego organized by National NotaryAssociation ( NNA). Nathan is the first Indian American to achieve this honor and the entire Evergreen area is proud of his services to their community.

Nathan has been commended by various community leaders and State & Cityofficials.

Top of the list is : Alicia Stewart – Notary Public Administrator of CA Secretary of State recently presented Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s signed congratulation letter in recognition by the National Notary Association as a 2012 Notary of the Year finalist. “This Great seal is offered with respect and with best wishes for continued success in all his future endeavors.” It’s an honor to receive such a letter from a top State official, says Ganeshan.

Ganeshan was honored with a Commendation from San Jose District 8 Councilmember Rose Herrera and San Jose and San Jose City Mayor Chuck Reed at San Jose City Hall recently for “his outstanding notary work and his commitment to giving back to the community through his free notary service to senior citizens” according to  the City Council’s ceremonial items list.


Before honoring Ganeshan, Councilmember Herrera said, ”Thank you Nathan, We are proud of you and the qualities of professionalism and community serving that you embody.”

About Nathan :
Nathan has been offering Mobile Notary services over the last five plus years and has been serving the bay area with free notary service to seniors at Evergreen Library and at the Santa Clara Senior Center, Santa Clara. Nathan travels to local libraries, senior centers, religious places, hospitals, retirement community centers to provide free service.

“Service is my passion” says Ganeshan, who takes every notary appointment that comes his way seriously, handles it professionally and completes with a friendly smile.

“When I reflect on my role as a Notary public, I never think of it as a ‘business,’ I always think of it as a service. Service first, business next! My goal is to provide service to the public by being available to those who are in need of my services after hours, at odd hours, on an emergency basis, and during the holidays when finding a notary is very difficult. This definitely differentiates me from other notaries.”

He strongly believe that Notaries must provide the best notary services and maintain utmost professional ethics doing so. As a part of community service, Nathan is mentoring other notaries by providing timely help to other upcoming notaries. Nathan is a 21st century Notary public, has his own website and presence on Social media, has created his own web apps for his Notary business.

Nathan is actively involved in the community by volunteering his hours towards various community related events, he dedicates his time in providing breakfast and meals and blanket seva to the homeless teaming up with community organizations to do so. NathanNotary supports various non profit organizations and extends support to schools.
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