Melodies and Rhythms


Shujaat Husain Khan, one of the current leading sitarists in Indian classical music is seventh in the unbroken line from a family of musical masters. Son and disciple of the late Vilayat Khan, he began playing the sitar at age 3 and has since developed his own unique style of Indian music.


His approach to rhythm is largely intuitive, fresh and spontaneous, always astonishing his audiences.

Honored with numerous awards by many Indian and international organizations, Khan has made memorable appearances in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. His collaboration with different genres of music has been enormously successful and culminated in a Grammy award nomination in 2004.

Accompanying Khan will be Abhiman Kaushal who was initiated at an early age into the art of tabla performance by his father, and later continued his training under foremost masters. Kaushal now tours the world as an accompanist to most of the leading musicians, singers, and dancers of North Indian classical music. He is currently on faculty at the University of California at Los Angeles.

The concert is presented by The Music Circle.
Saturday, Feb. 6, 8 p.m. Herrick Chapel (end of Alumni Drive, past Campus Road),  Occidental College, Los Angeles. $30 general, $20 members, $5 students. Tickets sold at door only. (626) 449-6987. 

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