Meet Aishveryaa Nidhi, Festival Director of Short+Sweet Bollywood

Awards Presentation

Aishveryaa Nidhi has been associated with Short and Sweet, the world’s biggest performing arts festival since 2009 in various capacities. She has been an actor, writer, director, and script assessor for an independent theatre company, and when she is not performing, she is invited as a judge in Hollywood.

Short+Sweet is the world’s largest performing arts festival and is dedicated to original short-form of theatre, music and dance.

Founded in Sydney Australia in 2002, it’s now presented in 30+ cities across 10 countries (Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Mauritius, Philippines, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, and the USA) with around 50 festivals annually.

According to the Mark Cleary, Executive Director around 7000 original new ten-minute works have been presented around the world so far.

Aishveryaa is the only Indian actor of Indian origin to be nominated for the Best Actress award (Mandragora in 2009) in Short+Sweet, Australia and also the only director whose work was invited to be performed in People’s Choice Showcase (Irish Stew in 2014) where it won the third place in Audience Choice Award.

Short+Sweet Bollywood, a festival of dance based on Bollywood songs, is her brain-child. She is the first Festival Director of Short+Sweet Bollywood, which she started in Sydney in 2015, which is now duplicated in India, UAE, and Singapore.

This year, she was invited as a judge and a guest of honor at Gala Finals of Short+Sweet Hollywood at Marilyn Monroe Theatre at Lee Strasberg Institue of Theatre and Films, West Hollywood, to present the Best Actress Award, which went to Julie Collins from Auckland for Slow Dating, written by Australian writer Adam Szudrich and directed by Katie Burson. Adam Szudrich also won the Best Writer Award this year for the same play.

Where will her journey take Aishveryaa in the days to come?

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