To quickly unfold superconscious states, meditate long and deep with special techniques and advanced practices. Instead of meditating for 15 to 20 minutes for physical and psychological health and gradual spiritual growth only, schedule longer and more frequent practice sessions. If you are a beginning meditator, maintain your short daily sessions and include a 30 minute session once a week until you acquire more proficiency in practice. If you have been meditating on a regular schedule for several months, extend your daily session to 30 minutes or an hour, adding another daily session after another few months.


Balance meditative practices with intentional living routines and maintain a keen interest in accomplishing purposes and performing duties. In this way you will avoid becoming so preoccupied with investigating subjective states of consciousness that you lose interest in secular life. When meditating, concentrate completely on knowing the truth about yourself and awakening to God-realization.

When not meditating, remain established in Self-knowledge and live effectively.  It is not necessary to completely withdraw from the world and from activities and relationships to be spiritually free.  When we clearly comprehend that we are spiritual beings in a consciousness-energy-manifested universe sustained and ordered by a Higher Intelligence, we can maintain inner realization and live successfully in relation to the world and its processes.

Having a private meditation sanctuary can be helpful.  This may be a small, secluded room, or place set aside in a larger room. Separate it for the purpose of meditation and philosophical reflection.  Install a comfortable chair.  If desired, have a picture of your guru or of saints whose spiritual attainment inspires you.  Keep your sacred space simple and clean.
When you go there, thoughts of secular matters will be replaced by thoughts of your relationship with God.  Aspiration to Self-knowledge will be nurtured and superconscious meditation will more easily be experienced.

If you sincerely want to be fully awake to your true nature and know the reality of God, meditate with focused intention impelled by devotion to God and firm commitment to accomplish your purpose.  Remain alert and observant.  Practice techniques to elicit physical relaxation and mental calm, then direct your attention to discovery of what you want to know about God, your relationship to God, and cosmic processes.  Contemplate clear states of consciousness and awaken to them.

Directing attention in this way is meditative contemplation, which is successfully accomplished when concentration and meditation culminate in insight or realized experience as determined by your aspiration and focused intention.  Examples of accomplished meditative contemplation are (1) discernment of knowledge; (2) actualization of the soul qualities of peace, happiness, compassion, wholeness, and exceptional functional skills; (3) vivid experience of refined superconscious states and transcendent realizations.

When the intellectual faculty is unveiled and purified, superior powers of discernment can be demonstrated.  When intuition is unveiled, the truth about whatever is examined can be directly and immediately known.  When awareness of our true nature is no longer obscured by illusions and delusions, we are enlightened; our Self-revealed knowledge is reflected in our illumined mind and expressed through our refined physical body.  When permanently established in this realization and consciousness is no longer influenced by the qualities of nature or of cosmic forces, we are liberated.

Affirm with confidence:

*Established in Self-revealed knowledge, I am whole in God.

*Wisdom-directed, I live freely, easily, and enjoyably in a God-governed, supportive universe.
*The understanding and happiness I now have,
*I lovingly wish for others.

Meditation Seminar and Kriya Yoga Initiation  will be held at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, 1146 University Ave, San Jose.

Roy Eugene Davis is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Awareness, He is a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and was ordained by him in 1951.