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Planning to participate in a pageant? Well, be advised that chubby is in and so are dimples on your knees. That, and a cute smile stole the hearts of judges at the Hawaiian Tropic West Coast Finals held last year in Anaheim. Two-and-a-half-year-old Chaiya Chatkara of Fremont was crowned Tiny Miss First Princess from among 80 toddler contestants across the West Coast including Hawaii.

How did she handle the limelight? “Chaiya didn’t really know what was going on when we took her to the regional event which was her first,” says her mother Ritu Chatkara; Chaiya had toddled off with the titles of Summer Queen, Third Princess, and Most Beautiful Hair at the regional event in San Ramon in August. “She saw lots of other kids her age and was having more fun meeting new friends.”

When she is not stealing the stage Chaiya attends a parent-participation preschool and keeps busy with a fun schedule of ballet, tap, and gymnastics classes.