Nupur Academy LA for Indian Classical Performing Arts is a living link between the generations, a vital link between visiting Indian artists and students in the US.

The Academy was founded by Guru Prachi Dixit in 2004, with our central location in Torrance, California.

Our Mission is to:

  1. Develop the next generation of Artists
  2. Promote the new generation of established Fine Artists from India and utilize their talents to train our students
  3. Offer an advanced curriculum and give Degrees in Dance and Music
  4. Preserve Indian Classical Arts and Culture and represent Indian culture to the Greater Los Angeles Area
  5. Enhance family values and family bonds

Nupur Academy LA nurtures the creative expression, strength, self-confidence, and self-discipline of its students.

The Academy Visiting Artist program brings the new generation of Indian Classical Artists to the US to train and perform with our students.

This program provides refinement of our students’ abilities through mentoring, and builds their understanding of what it means to be an Artist.

Annual performances are a major part of the Academic preparation at the Academy.

Yearly exams are offered toward the attainment of Degrees in Dance and Music.

Currently classes are conducted at the main school studio in the City of Torrance. Classes are conducted for all ages.



3347 Dalemead St
Torrance, CA 90505