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Understanding Travel & Visitor Insurance

Imagine you’re someplace abroad and you neither know your way around, nor do you speak the local language. Call it circumstance, or call it bad luck, but suddenly you experience what many travelers do – a medical mishap, a lost bag, or a missed connection. What do you? Who do you call? That’s where we come in. With G1G Travel or Visitor insurance plans, you’re given all day, every day access to our team of experts that are on standby to do what it takes to help you get your holiday back on track. So whether you want to be connected to a medical care provider, need an emergency medical evacuation, or simply want assistance with lost or stolen property, we’ve got you covered. Travel insurance picks up where your domestic insurance policies fall short, and cover you when you’re most vulnerable.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Since our policies are both flexible and customizable, costs tend vary according to the plan you pick, as well as trip specifics like duration, destination and method of travel. The best way to figure that out is to decide what kind of insurance you want, and then personalize it to your specific travel needs based on price, coverage, and value. Some people tend to rely on airlines or credit companies to provide them insurance, but often don’t realize that these plans offer substantially less coverage, should you ever need it. Having built close relationships with insurance carriers for over 30 years, we’re able to offer exclusive deals that enable you to pick a policy based on your individual needs.

In an industry known for its complicated jargon, we do our best to make the insurance buying process quick, easy, and as straight forward as it can be. To do so, we have developed a highly tuned search engine that curates policies tailored to your specific needs, and further narrows the focus to show you policies that fall within your eligibility and requirements, while staying true to G1G’s rigorous standards. You can then compare your best options based on price, scope of coverage or any particular benefits and pick from among the highest rated carriers in the world!

You can buy a plan instantly, and most policies begin with 24 hours of approval. All you have to do is tell us about your travel plans, select a policy that works for you and pay to have your coverage begin by midnight the following day. We generally suggest you purchase coverage right after you book your flights and accommodation to ensure that you’re covered from the get go. And of course, if you don’t end up making the trip for some reason, your plan is both cancelable and refundable, no problem!

There are a lot of insurance companies out there. With G1G, you’re able to compare and instantly purchase the best, if not lowest priced Travel or Visitor Insurance policy available, thanks to our one-of-a-kind travel insurance search engine. We’re a company built on client loyalty, which comes from staying true to our high standards in product quality and customer service. We offer plans for students, visitors, globetrotters and groups, and our 30+ years of industry experience allows us to offer personalized, expert assistance 24/7 from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or computer, and the ability to manage your account, file a claim or generate a visa letter online, in a matter of minutes. With G1G, you never travel alone!

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