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Your editorial on Bush lacks dignity and is shameful.

With apologies to a few Presidents and Prime Ministers, in these 50 years, none of your [Indian] rulers has been able to solve its problems with its neighbors. They are unable to run even the parliament smoothly for months together, not to speak of the bloody assemblies that are chaotically managed by Laloos, Jayas, Karunas, Naidus, etc. Everyone eats at the roots of the country’s wealth and health.

Compared to this gang, the man in power [in America] for hardly two years, at whom you have shown your finger, is far, far dignified, clean, and unblemished. Kindly watch the Senate’s proceedings once to know how the Senators and the President conduct themselves—in a dignified manner, besides presenting the nation’s problems articulately.

Does any one of your leaders have the time to do so? The highest body like the Grand Jury pardoned the scandals relating to private life that nearly brought down a president, however competent he was.

And you say Bush may have been adequate as governor but disastrous as nation’s leader. What a shame! I can understand you expressing the suitability or otherwise of the nation’s leader by way of a tedious essay or thesis in your journal, but not in a shameful writing as Editorial.

My advice to you: Stop destructive criticism. If at all you want to accuse a man in the highest position, please make out a strong case against him. Please don’t write vaguely.

Pataballa Chalapathi Rao, Foster City, CA


We are not able to continue to receive India Currents, nor can we continue to support those organizations that advertise in and support India Currents.

Our children are starting a mail campaign to inform many of India Currents advertisers of our position. My wife and I are writing to many American newspapers and periodicals to inform them of the anti-American position of India Currents and the danger it poses to good Americans who may become threatened by Hindu and Muslim fanatics that follow Arvind Kumar’s monthly ranting.

His strident anti-American and Hate America position that he promotes each month in his official position editorial is so filled with his complete disdain of American culture and American leaders that we do not want his hate-filled opinions coming to our mailbox any longer.

The Alexander Family, Sacramento, CA


We, members of the DC Collective for South Asians, express deep anguish and horror over the gruesome attack on civilians on the premises of the Akshardham Temple in Gujarat. We strongly condemn the assault on places of worship in India, and hope that the situation is brought under control soon. We are extremely saddened by the loss of over 30 lives and the injury and trauma caused to hundreds more, and extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. We hope that the proper identity of the culprits is established, that the guilty are brought to justice by the law, and that immediate measures are taken by the government to prevent any further harm to people.

We urge the government of Gujarat, the central government and all state governments to ensure that there is no untoward violent reaction to the incident. India is yet to recover from the Godhra massacre and the ensuing weeks of brutal violence. We are very concerned that we could witness a relapse of communal violence unless the government is proactive in providing security to all its citizens and ensuring communal harmony.

We also urge the people of Gujarat and Indians around the country and abroad to maintain peace and harmony, and organize peace committees and events that will promote confidence among all communities. This alone will end the cycle of meaningless bloodshed, and foil the chief motive behind such attacks, which is to divide the people of India along communal lines and to disrupt peace and harmony. The press should play its role in fair and honest coverage of the events, and discourage misinformation.

DC Collective for South Asians, Washington, DC


Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) condemns the brutal terrorist attack on Akshardham, the monument of the BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu Sanstha in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Our heartfelt prayers and sympathies go to those who innocently lost their lives in this tragedy, to the scores who were wounded, and to the bereaved families of these victims. We call upon the law enforcement authorities of the state of Gujarat and the Government of India to identify the murderers and investigate their connections, if any, to international terrorist organizations and nations that support them, and to bring those responsible for this heinous crime to justice.

Earlier this year, after Islamic terrorists attacked a train carrying Hindu pilgrims and burnt 58 people alive, there were riots in which close to a thousand people of both religions died. We fervently urge the people of India to refrain from any acts of retribution and to let the law enforcement authorities and the legal system take their course.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh is a non-profit cultural organization with over 50 chapters throughout the U.S.A and eight chapters in the San Francisco Bay Area. HSS strives to bring about unity in the diverse Hindu community and aid in the development of Hindu values among its adherents.

Anand Bemra, via e-mail