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Sujit Saraf’s gutsy expose (“A Rationalist’s Dilemma,” India Currents, August 2008) made a gratifying read. Isn’t it amazing how much power each “guru” accumulates? Power which comes from the disciples, of course—people who have abdicated their will and will do anything the guru asks of them. They become slaves while the guru gains in stature.

Ajit Harisinghani, online


As a physicist, I would like to respond to Sujit Saraf’s question, “What is a person of scientific temper to do about all these gurus?” (“A Rationalist’s Dilemma,” India Currents, August 2008).

Scientifically speaking, an Infrared (IR) light source sends out vibrations which can only be detected by IR detectors (and not by the human eye or a microwave detector). This is because the detector needs to operate in the wavelength range of the light source. Also, when a remote control is pointed at any digital camera, the IR signal starts flashing in the viewfinder, although it continues to be invisible to the naked eye.

The phenomenon behind these examples is commonly called wavelength matching. Extrapolating it to my two meetings with Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), I would say that there was nothing mysterious about what I experienced during both in-person encounters and described in my article,“Embracing Amma’s Love” (India Currents, July 2008).

During my first visit, when my mind-analyzed wavelengths were out of the range of Amma’s heart-sent wavelength, I did not receive anything other than her physical hug.

During the second visit, however, when my heart was aligned with the divinity within, I could sense Amma’s heart-sent wavelengths, and I experienced joy in that empowering moment. Amma helped me to connect with my inner source of peace.

As a physicist and a person of scientific temper, I am convinced that just as in research, probing matters, in seeking, faith matters.

Gunjan Raizada Chakravarty, Mountain View, Calif.


Sujit Saraf (bless him!) deserves a divine hug for his piece and his play. Both come as a whiff of fresh air (“A Rationalist’s Dilemma,” India Currents, August 2008). No, I did not miss the mischievous humour you had introduced by publishing alongside your Spiritual Calendar for the month. If it was unintentional, it can only be a case of intelligent design (by the designer of your pages).

Thank you for encouraging Saraf’s ventures.

Sekari Vaidy, Sunnyvale, Calif.