Learning to Floyd



San Jose band Antariksh is ready to rock your world with a tribute concert to Pink Floyd. The show, planned for October 2nd, 2010, will cover all popular Floyd songs.  Come check them out and rock out to “Another brick in the wall” and other timeless classics such as “Money,” “Time,” and many, many others!

Formed in the fall of 1999, Antariksh has been entertaining the Bay Area for the past decade. Their high energy performances have been known to pack many venues ranging from bars and clubs to much larger auditoriums.
“Get dat groovy bass riff right dawg” chimes in Pron (Pronob Ashwin on keyboard) as the band settles down on a Saturday afternoon, adding layers to their melodies. Mak (Mahesh Kumar on bass) and Amber (Amber Sharma on drums) provide a strong rhythmic foundation to any Antariksh song.

The band’s seasoned musicians play for the sheer passion of it, and their shows are unique. Over the past decade the band has performed numerous concerts, released a CD and an EP, provided their own twist to Bollywood music (fusing it with rock) as well as played straight up rock.

So come out and support your local talent and enjoy an evening of psychedelic entertainment. At ticket prices of $12, this is a must see show that you cannot afford to miss. The band would like to be “Comfortably Numb” with the Bay Area on October 2nd!

What: Learning to Floyd (Antariksh tribute concert to Pink Floyd)
When: October 2’nd 2010, Saturday, 7:00 pm
Where: CET auditorium, San Jose
Tickets: $12 advance/$15 at the gate – http://www.antariksh.com

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