Vande Mataram is a cherished patriotic ode

Renowned California-based musician and producer Sandeep Khurana recently recorded the patriotic Indian ode ‘Vande Mataram ‘ with iconic Indian singer Padmashree Shri Kumar Sanu to honor Independence Day coming up on August 15.

The collaborative musical endeavor orchestrated by Khurana, was recorded in a Hollywood studio in July 2023. Vande Mataram is a rousing tribute to India and its people. It explores themes of love, regard, pride, and gratitude for the motherland.

The song was produced by Bappa B. Lahiri, son of legendary musician Bappi Lahiri. Khurana’s repertoire, which blends the best of Indian and Western musical traditions, infuses this version of ‘Vande Mataram’ between classic Indian melody and Western orchestration, with undertones of undertone of strings, beats, pads, synths, layered with the chorus.

A treat for fans

The song begins with a poem, written and recited by Khurana, while Sanu carries the core melody. The composition is a real treat for fans of both singers.

Khurana said he was thrilled with the collaboration, where for the first time, an Indian patriotic song was matched to the versatile genius of Kumar Sanu for a one-of-a-kind track.

“He has enhanced the composition with his beautiful, textured voice,” said Khurana, paying tribute to Sanu’s emotional quality which “has won our hearts for several decades.”

He also acknowledged producer Bappa B. Lahiri, “who proudly furthers his father’s legacy, and brought to the table his keen sense of fusion between Eastern and Western sounds.”

A melody for the ages

Kumar Sanu, who sang some of the most enduring melodies from the late 80s and 90s, was similarly delighted to be involved with ‘Vande Mataram’. “Sandeep-ji’s composition is very good and melodious… I am sure when listeners listen to this song, Vande Mataram, they will feel great patriotism and love for India.”

Bappa B. Lahiri added, “It was a great opportunity to be able to back this unique production. Sandeep has always had a great ear for melody, while the legendary talent of Kumar Sanu needs no introduction. Most importantly, I was excited to produce a patriotic song in a Hollywood studio, as that would show how far the soft power of the Indian music industry has traveled.”

Screenshots of musicians at work
The recording and launch of Vande Mataram (image courtesy: Sandeep Khurana)

The universality of Indian music

Khurana echoed his sentiments, explaining that the song summarizes his life and career in the balance between Indianness and cosmopolitanism. The fusion-based soundscape of the composition he said, represents how India is influencing trends across the globe.

“I mean, look at my career trajectory itself: I was born in Delhi, and today, as a resident of California, I am making music for the world. “

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