A celebration of all forms of Krishna, worshipped across cultures all over the world.

It is a splendid mix of different genres of music like Carnatic, Marathi, North Indian and Western to name a few, which soothes the soul of the listener. This is a show that enthralls the audience with its purity, divinity, and visuals. It is truly a celebration of the deity – Krishna!

Performed in a traditional manner, this show also surprises the audience with Rock and Jazz music.

Shankar Mahadevan is not just a name, but an institution in itself. Known for his melodic and soulful voice and award winning compositions, he is someone who is beyond comparison. With a mammoth fan base, this music magnet is a crowd pleaser. His live acts are not just soul-stirring, but moving and heart touching.

Starting with Shankar Mahadevan, the show also features Siddarth Mahadevan performing the rock version and Shivram Mahadevan performing the bala Krishna songs.

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With an array of finest artists performing in the show, it is a musical treat for all music lovers young and old alike. While the show has always seen a mix of audience, what we truly see is a set of people coming to find peace in the music presented to them.

Children are the future representatives of the country, and education is the only way to empower them. So please join this event with family, and support AIM for Seva in this great effort.

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