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 LinkedIn  Corporation (LNKD), a professional network on the Internet, announced today the launch of a new quarterly series, LinkedIn Lists, which celebrates different types of members and companies that are doing extraordinary work and transforming their fields.

Among the top professionals 35 and under, that surfaced by LinkedIn data, there are 10 stars who are bringing healthier lives. Karan Singh, co-founder of Ginger.o is one of them.

Fitness apps may be a dime a dozen these days, but Singh — and his 50-person startup — believes in focusing on one aspect that is often overlooked: mental health. “We’re using math, not microscopes, to understand diseases that have historically been difficult to measure,” says Singh, 32.’s app analyzes a user’s smartphone for patterns that can signal troubles in people with depression and anxiety. If something feels “off” based on the collected data, a triggered alert helps healthcare providers intervene early. More than 40 medical centers, including Kaiser Permanente and U.C. San Francisco, use the app to keep tabs on at-risk patients. Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2015 Technology Pioneer, the startup has helped hundreds of thousands of people better understand their mental health. “Tracking steps and calories is great…but we define health beyond just the physical,” Singh says.

The first list in the series focuses on the LinkedIn Next Wave, which spotlights the top 150 professionals across 15 industries — all 35 and under. Like all of LinkedIn’s content efforts, the Next Wave is derived from a partnership between editors and algorithms.The LinkedIn Next Wave honorees were surfaced through a combination of data, insights, and editor and LinkedIn Influencer picks. LinkedIn looked at public-facing information such as which profiles were most viewed by people in the same industry; social engagement performance; the frequency that candidates appeared in the news, Newsle data; and other indicators. Additionally, LinkedIn Influencers, who are some of the world’s top thought leaders, such as DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best and Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman, weighed in to share their suggestions on accomplished professionals in their respective industries.

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