Gilroy Gardens is not your typical theme park. So it’s no surprise that the park’s popular Water Oasis is a unique space that blends in with the rest of this beautiful, nature-themed wonderland. It’s also the coolest place to splash and play all summer long!

The original Water Oasis (which opened in 2014) is a whimsical and thoughtfully-designed space that was created specifically for the park’s youngest guests to learn about water while playing in it. There are three distinct play areas:

  • The “Oasis Lagoon” features two small waterslides and an 18-inch deep wading pool with plenty of room for kids to safely splash and play.
  • The “Splash Pad” looks like a fantastic overgrown garden, with squirting frogs and huge, colorful flower showers that spray water from atop gracefully curved stems.
  • The “Water Journey” discovery area is an interactive feature where kids can pump water into a system of rivers and streams that are inset in the ground. They get to control the flow through the waterways with colorful water wheels, gates and dams.

The original Water Oasis was a huge hit—but bigger kids wanted even bigger splashes. So in 2018, Gilroy Gardens opened the much-anticipated Water Oasis Expansion, which more than doubled the size of the attraction.

At the Water Oasis Expansion, you can zoom down twisty water slides and have a blast (literally) playing with over 90 water jets. You can boldly “brave the bucket” and get drenched under the giant tipping bucket that splashes over 300 gallons of water (more than enough to fill 4 bathtubs!) on everyone below.

Grownups are welcome to join in all the super-splashy fun—or just sit back and relax with a cold drink in comfy lounge chairs or colorful cabanas.

During the summer season, Gilroy Gardens is open daily (Monday-Friday from 11am to 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm). Water Oasis is included with regular park admission.

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