On a crisp Saturday afternoon, there was an energetic buzz spreading through San Jose’s Mexican Heritage Plaza where the city was celebrating its 2023 Mosaic Festival. The courtyard was lined with stalls selling colorful wares, a yoga workshop was about to kick off, while dancers, martial artists and musicians found whatever space they could to go through last minute rehearsals. A little after 3 pm, singer Amy D.’s powerful vocals burst through the speakers from the auditorium, and the Mosaic Festival was underway. 

The two-day Mosaic festival showcased San Jose’s cultural diversity through dance performances, musical concerts, follow-along workshops and a market in which vendors sold textiles, jewelry, sculptures and much more. 

The India Currents team was also present on both days of the festival – Publisher Vandana Kumar, Community Reporter Tanay Gokhale, Contributing Editor Nandita Bose and Donor Engagement Advisor Anjana Nagarajan-Butaney hosted a booth to introduce festival goers to India Currents. They answered questions about our latest offerings and solicited feedback from members of the community. While Assemblyman Ash Kalra dropped in to say hi, Jyoti Bachani and Pragalbha Doshi, poets and frequent contributors to India Currents stopped by for a chat. 

We are truly grateful to those who stopped to say hello. It was rewarding to hear about how we add value to our readers’ lives and get valuable insights into how we can do better. If you have some feedback for us, please share it here – it will go a long way in deciding our upcoming plans.