Dear Woman

Your beauty lies,

Not in your eye shadow

But the sparkle in your eyes


It’s not in the redness of your lips

But the values you impart

It’s in the soft words that you speak

It’s the love in your heart


You are not beautiful

Because of high fashion

Beauty is in your affection

It’s in your fiery passion.


Dear Woman

Your beauty lies,

Not in your lovely dimples

But in the warmth of your smile


It is not in your shoes

Nor in your dress

It’s in the depth of your feelings

And in your tender caress


You are not defined

By the bag on your shoulder

But the responsibility you tote

As you gracefully grow older.


Dear Woman

Your beauty stands,

Not in your polished nails

But in your helpful hands


Your beauty is not in your height

But the heights you will reach

It’s in your own personal growth

From lessons Life will teach


Your beauty doesn’t shine

From the diamonds in your ears

It is in the pain you hide

When you smile through your tears


You grow lovelier with time

But it is not your glowing skin

It’s the toughness of your core

Your resolute spirit within.


Woman, you are incredible

Not because you are a pretty face

For your beauty is your strength

And your strength, your very grace