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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

Too many writers begin their publishing journey the wrong way. They try to start big. They want a book contract, a speaking tour, and all-around international fame and notoriety. But that’s not how this works. Starting by publishing small articles gives you the essential practice that you need to succeed later on in your career. So what’s the best way to do that, you may ask? Write for magazines. These publications are less competitive and more open to working with new writers. Plus, they cover doings where you live, which means you may well have ready sources of story ideas.
Why Write For Magazines
Writing for magazines is a great way to learn a lot about how publishing works, what it’s like to have your content edited, and how to hone your craft. Once you prove yourself to a publication and have a relationship with an editor, it’s much easier to come back the second and third time to get published.
How To Get Your Articles Published By An Online Magazine
● Study your target publication. Notice the writing styles, their sources, topics, and headlines.
● Find story ideas that relate to the publication. Your goal should be to find ideas that are in a similar vein to what the magazine covers, yet somehow fresh and new.
● Find news hooks. Writing articles that are compelling now shows the editor that your article is timely, and should be published as soon as possible.
● Find sources. Search Amazon for book authors, read articles, or put out a request for an expert on sites like ProfNet.
● Conduct interviews.
● Write a first draft.
● Get feedback.
● Turn in your story on time – and pitch another.

Once you’ve agreed on a deadline, then it’s time to start writing. The hardest part is done. Now, all you have to do is write the article. And next time, you probably won’t have to go through this process.
The more you do this sort of thing, the easier it gets, especially as magazines and editors begin to know and trust you. The editors at India Currents Magazine want to hear from you. Submit your writings at