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After the critically acclaimed and well received ‘Love, Wrinkle-free’, writer-Director Sandeep Mohan (Mumbai) has teamed up again with California based Producer Giju John, of Tiranga Productions, for ‘Hola Venky!’ – a Indian-Mexican comedy shot exclusively in the San Francisco Bayarea. The film narrates a techie’s journey from his ‘groin to his heart’, taking him from Mumbai all the way to the City by the bay. It is set to release in select US cities on Jan 25th 2014, followed by a wide digital release in India and other countries a month later. The filmmakers have adopted unconventional methods to facilitate production on a shoe-string budget and also for release and marketing of the film, thus setting a successful template that other Indie filmmakers could follow. Making a film with a 3-member crew, sourcing local talents, exclusive Groupon deals for screenings (first ever movie to do so), and the ‘Great Indian Traveling Cinema’ concept are some of the highlights of this Indo-US production.

The trailer for ‘Hola Venky!’ can be viewed at this link. For all related info and queries, please contact Giju John at or (408) 396-9982. The writer-Director Sandeep Mohan will be in San Francisco bay area from Jan 22nd through Feb 9th to attend the screenings and promote the film, and will be available for media meet-ups.

To stay cost-effective, the entire film was shot with a 3-member crew in various locations in the San Francisco Bay area and Mumbai, sourcing local talents and locations. Mariachi music plays a major role in the film with the unique ‘Indian-Mexican’ flavor and two local Mariachi bands are also featured in the film. ‘Hola Venky!’ is also the very first film to sell screening tickets and red carpet event tickets directly on Groupon. This is an amazing opportunity for any Indie filmmaker to reach tens of thousands of moviegoers in any major city in US without costing a single penny in marketing. The other unique concept ‘Great Indian Traveling Cinema’brings ‘Hola Venky!’ into someone’s residence (at least 15 people in the group), with the writer-Director, Sandeep Mohan, himself being present to host the screening and post Q&A. Since the announcement of this concept in social media, there have been several bookings in Mumbai and nearby cities, by residences as well as corporates. “..It brings in a certain romanticism to the whole movie watching experience..” as noted by an Indian journalist. ‘Hola Venky!’ is also the first film to release exclusively on Vimeo On Demand in India.

The cast of ‘Hola Venky!’ is led by two very talented and upcoming actors – Roger Narayan (IMDB), an Indian-American actor from Los Angeles, playing Venky and Sonia Balcazar (IMDB), a Mexican-American actress from the bay area, playing Inez.

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