The Maggi controversy has brought other food products under the scanner. United States food safety inspectors have labelled hundreds of made-in-India snacks unfit for sale in America, according to Wall Street Journal. Is Nestle behind expose of rejection of Haldiram’s products by FDA? The food industry’s squabble leads to expose of suspect products.

The US FDA reportedly found pesticides in Haldiram’s products and their website states that products made in India have been found to have pesticides and bacteria in high levels.

This year, most of the Indian snacks that were rejected by the FDA were from Haldiram’s, the famous Nagpur-based food company.

 The US report mentioned that Haldiram’s products specially their cookies, wafers and biscuits are ‘filthy, putrid or decomposed-otherwise unfit’. They said that baked products are unfit for consumption and they are adulterated and contains poisonous content.

In their defence, the Nagpur-based company said that their food is completely safe. As reported by Wall Street Journal, a senior Haldiram’s official said, “Our food is 100% safe and complies with the law of the land. A pesticide that is permitted in India may not be allowed there. And even if it, they may not allow it in the same concentration as it is here.”

According to the FDA website of United States, it was in September 2014 that pesticides were discovered for the first time in Haldiram’s. Since then, the US has refused to import their products 86 times.

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