Guddu Rangeela, A Review

 The last time journalist-turned-filmmaker Subhash Kapoor, and actor Arshad Warsi came together for a film, it went on to win a National Award. The team of ‘Jolly LLB’ is back this time with yet another satire called ‘Guddu Rangeela’.

Guddu and Rangeela, played by Amit Sadh and Arshad Warsi, are a pair of singing-dancing scamps who cross paths with too many gangsters, and, with a big debt on their heads, they take on a lucrative mission to kidnap a deaf-and-dumb girl.

This kidnapping happens within seconds; one moment the girl is being asked if she prefers Shah Rukh or Salman, the next she’s been carted into the back of a Scorpio.

The plot rolls on and quickly establishes its heroes and villains, setting us up for a fun melee, with some anti-Khap commentary thrown in.

Despite the fun opening song Mata Ka Email, the fact that Guddu and Rangeela are professional performers is never used again. Kapoor tries so hard to make sure his film is quirky that he doesn’t care about how clever or funny it actually is, and Guddu Rangeela could well have fallen flat — except for the actors. Do you agree?

Ronit Roy leads the pack, playing a small-town Melisandre as he enforces Khap rules and tells parents to strangle their disobedient daughters. As Billu Pehelwan, Roy is intensely demonic and utterly believable as a local tough, snarling a ‘rrrap’ sound to makes sure even goats leap out of his rampaging path. Do you think he is super.

Does Guddu Rangeela show the latent potential of the theme and then hesitate in exploiting it completely? Tell us what you thought of the movie.

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