Get involved and explore your Indian heritage with India Currents in San Jose CA!

Attending cultural events in an extremely valuable experience for you and your loved ones. As Thomas Wolfe once said, “culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs”.

By attending cultural events in your community, you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your culture: the arts, customs, beliefs, and social behaviors.

Common reasons to attend a cultural or artistic event are to have an enjoyable experience, to meet up with friends or family, to support a friend or family member, and to have an educational experience for you, your friend, or family member.

Education of a culture cannot just happen at school or at home—it must go beyond those things in order for you to be enriched and experience a fuller immersion in what you read about or hear on tv. The Indian-American community in California holds dozens of events each month to help people broaden their global perspective of Indian and Indian-American culture.

Let India Currents connect you others in your community celebrating their culture. At India Currents, we have a great list of events upcoming months, and our list grows and expands all the time. From art and dance to meditation and yoga, concerts, plays, and workshops, the Indian community in California has something to offer people of all ages.

When you search for an upcoming event in our events page, you can search for an event by name, or you can simply search for the events going on near you. If you would like to see even more options, you can choose an advanced search that shows the date, category, and country.

If you have a great event coming up that you wish to share, please submit your event under our Event Submission page. We hope to hear from you soon!