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Om Marwah works on the ecommerce team, supporting and its immense customer base. Essentially, the science he brings to bear focuses on personalization, which is a common feature of most modern ecommerce sites. “Recommendations and targeting are the pillars of our personalization engine,” Marwah points out to Forbes.

He combines this geography-centric insight with the power of cognitive science, which Marwah defines as “systems of mind and the cultural environment that lead to an understanding of human behavior.”

The result is a deeper understanding of what will delight customers. “We identify non-traditional customer segments,” Marwah continues, “for example, ice cream is popular in the South on hot days or gardeners buy more on sunny days. People see themselves using things when the context is right.”

In fact, the individual customer context is where Marwah’s true innovation lies says Forbes. “It’s how to use data to strengthen the customer experience,” he explains. “It’s a human-centered approach. Combine cognitive science and geography to identify the context that is impacting customer behavior.”

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