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Emotions ran high last week in Kelowna, Canada. Two girls who had left their orphange in Calcutta, ten years ago, reunited. Sudha, now Anna, flew in from Norway to meet with her long lost orphanage-sister, Tara O’Sullivan.

Mohini Singh, City Counciller of Kelowna, Canada adopted four-year-old Tara from Calcutta. Tara’s friend, Sudha who is two years older than Tara, was also adopted from the same orphange by a family in Norway. The girls found each other on Facebook.

Fourteen-year-old, Tara remembers she was four years of age, sick, and all alone in a dark room when Anna had entered the room and held her trembling hand.

“I was four years old and really sick,” says O’Sullivan. “I was in this room, a dark room that had nobody around me. I only had myself to keep me company.”

The best friends, who consider themselves to be like sisters after their time at the orphanage, were separated after being adopted: Anna to Norway and Tara to Canada.

With their loving families, they have grown into strong, beautiful, happy teenagers, but they both felt something was missing. Tara’s mother, Mohini Singh, set out to help fill that void in her daughter’s heart.

“Anna, who was known as Sudha in the orphanage, found Tara on Facebook. So, I called her mother and asked if she could come [to the Okanagan] for a visit,” says Singh.

The two girls reunited in Kelowna on Wednesday as Sudha flew in from Norway.

“My wish came true and I’m very thankful for that,” says O’Sullivan.

Seeing O’Sullivan and Dalhaug thrive despite their circumstances prompted the creation of the East Meets West Orphans Foundation. The local charity has helped about 170 children with serious medical issues get healthy enough to be adopted out and find their ‘forever homes’ like Tara and Anna have.

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