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Fall in Love with the Sweetest Path of Yoga

December 8, 2022 - December 11, 2022

Join us for the Bhakti Yoga Sadhana Retreat to explore the uplifting practices of Bhakti Yoga that will open and nourish your heart, including kirtan (music and chanting), puja (worship), japa (mantra repetition), dancing, selfless service and more.

Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of love, devotion and surrender. It is one of the paths within the yogic tradition that includes participation with full awareness, attention and love for any endeavor. Through the Bhakti practices, with constant remembrance of the Divine—however we conceive of this—we can rise above the illusion of a separate self and experience the bliss of union with the light or spirit that dwells within everything.

Sadhana (practice) refers to any spiritual exercise that is aimed at progressing the aspirant toward the ultimate expression of their life.