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India Currents gave me a voice in days I was very lost. Having my articles selected for publishing was very validating – Shailaja Dixit, Executive Director, Narika, Fremont

According to recent research by Kauffman Foundation, 320 out of 100,000 adults created a new business each month last year compared to 300 out of 100,000 in 2007. Recession does not halt entrepreneurship. The theme of TiEcon 2010  is “Entrepreneurship is in our DNA.”  Thousands will descend upon Silicon Valley, traditionally a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.


TiE’s mission is to nurture entrepreneurship worldwide through mentoring, networking, and education. TiEcons create a magical ecosystem and bring together advisors, investors, customers, and entrepreneurs. Many startups have been launched as a result of TiEcon and an innumerable amount of professionals have walked away with inspiration and ideas. This year again, thousands will descend upon Silicon Valley, traditionally a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Prominent and inspirational keynotes will share their insights, and success stories.  Yossi Vardi, a prominent Israeli entrepreneur with over 60 high tech companies in software, energy, internet, and mobile, will share how to reap the booming harvest of prosperity by sowing the right seeds of entrepreneurship. Aneesh Chopra, the U.S.’s first Chief Technology Officer, will talk about entrepreneurs’ role in creating jobs and improving the quality of life. Attendees will have an opportunity to listen to stalwarts in the biopharmaceutical industry, from two different ends of the globe—Steven Burrill, pioneer of biotech industry in the U.S., and Anji Reddy, CEO of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India’s pharmaceutical giant. Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO and VP at Eastman Kodak, and Sir Martin Sorrell, will share their views on the impact of communications, marketing, and advertising on business growth.

In the Internet realm, a forward-looking panel will explore the evolution of the social platform ecosystem and discuss untapped opportunities for creating new companies, while another panel will discuss whether untapped opportunities in online advertising will lead to disruptive or evolutionary change.

The recession and its reverberating impact has rendered a smaller and more interconnected world. Opportunities at global level in various industry sectors will be explored. Also while the recession has resulted in fewer investments, activity in the Bioscience sector is holding strong. Bioscience panels will discuss emerging trends and innovative approaches aimed at leveraging interconnectivity and accessing global opportunities, in healthcare. Cleantech sessions will address the economic impact of global momentum and huge resulting opportunities as well as formidable challenges linked to massive markets of China, India, and those in Africa.

Regional boundaries will not be the only ones crossed at TiEcon 2010—the Outer Realm sessions will challenge perceptual boundaries in the technological, marketing, and cognitive realm. Al Seckel, a master illusionist, will unravel mysteries of the mind, Pablos Holman will share cutting edge research on preventing cyber-crime and discuss how wild ideas can lead to practical application, and Nancy Lublin will talk about the power of zero, doing more with less.

Ultimately, such innovative and novel ideas will lead us out of the economic slump. And yet it’s not just about such ideas floating around. As Vish Mishra, president of TiE, partner with Clearstone Ventures says, “TiEcon is about you, the entrepreneur. TiEcon 2010 is about providing an environment to entrepreneurs to infuse their DNA into the ideas and Define, Nurture, and Advance their ideas to help bring them to fruition.”

TiEcon 2010 will provide limitless opportunities to PowerConnect through industry focused sessions, hands-on experience through business bootcamps and tips on how to begin startups.

May 14-15. Santa Clara Convention, Santa Clara.