You know the positive effects of an active lifestyle on your waistline and your overall sense of well-being. But when exercise, or even just a warm day, leaves you with perspiration stains, it can lead to embarrassment and discomfort. AtDuet Plastic Surgery, we offer a 1-hour non-invasive procedure called MiraDry to reduce the odor and sweat-producing armpit glands permanently and immediately.


What Is MiraDry?

MiraDry is an FDA-approved technology that targets the tissue in the armpits that contains the sweat and odor-producing glands. The device imparts an energy that targets only these particular structures, and the glands are eliminated immediately. These glands do not grow back, so the reduction in odor and sweat is permanent.

Will I Sweat More Elsewhere?

No. Only about 2% of your total body sweat glands are in your armpits. The glands here happen to be responsible for the particular “sweaty” odor that we try to mask with anti-perspirant/deodorants. By eliminating these glands in the armpits, you will sweat normally, but not excessively, in other areas. You can expect a 70-90% reduction in sweat in your armpits after just one treatment.

Why Should I Have My MiraDry with Duet?


We are surgeons, so we devote ourselves to keeping our patients comfortable doing procedures. Because of our surgical knowledge and experience, we can safely use a numbing technique called “tumescent”. This allows you to have little to no discomfort while undergoing the MiraDry treatment at its maximum and optimal setting. You will be numbed by one of our doctors and monitored closely throughout the procedure to ensure you are pain-free at all times.

Is it Safe?

Yes. MiraDry has been used all over the world with over 55,000 treatments performed. Most patients experience mild swelling after the procedure but there are no significant long-term safety concerns.

At Duet Plastic Surgery, we are a team of female plastic surgeons with a discreet boutique practice in Palo Alto. We take pride in restoring confidence and helping our patients become the most self-assured versions of themselves. Please call us at 650-380-0415 to learn more about MiraDry at Duet.

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