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Former Indian tennis legend and sports commentator Vijay Amritraj will deliver the keynote address at the Pan IIT Southern California (SC) alumni association’s annual conference.

Themed as the Annual Disruptive Innovation Conference, the half a day event aims to offer an opportunity for alumni and the general public to network and participate in panel discussions which share and exchange opinions on the growth and transformation within the field of life sciences as well as big data innovations according to president of Pan IIT SC, Pramod Kunju.

“We expect all professionals to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn and network with experts and other likeminded individuals,” says Kunju. In business or tech talk, disruptive companies upend existing markets and displace early technologies in a way a market does not expect Kunju explained.

It is how personal computers took advantage of an empty space while giants such as IBM were busy focusing on mainframes, it is how cell phones ushered a whole new population of consumers who historically adhered themselves to fixed line telephony, and it is how online and community colleges carved a niche with smaller target markets and lower margins against the consistent appeal of traditional four year institutions.

For Pan IIT SC, Amritraj, as this year’s keynote speaker also embodies cutting-edge qualities. The former Davis Cup champion’s repertoire includes being a CNN India commentator and a past appointee within the United Nations as a messenger of peace. In 2006, he founded The Vijay Amritraj Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to bring help, hope and healing to the innocent victims of disease, struggle and circumstance in India. The foundation promise to make a real difference for those who are most in need of the helping hand of humanity.

This year’s panelists are pioneers of change in their own right and will represent mixed speakers who have invented something “which will be the next big thing,” someone who has invented something which persists to lead markets and venture capitalists who pluck select innovations thereby ushering change according to Kunju.

Some of the panelists of this year’s conference will include: Sanjay Khare, founder of Immugene; Aditya Rajagopal, graduate researcher from Caltech; Ray Cohen, Chairman of the Board at Lombard Medical Technologies, PLC and Saranathan Govindarajan, Senior Director at Direct TV.

Saturday, September 14. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Tanzore Restaurant, 50 N La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills. $34-$49.  Includes lunch, tea and refreshments.