he subject of weight loss is as sensitive as it can get. If you are one of the scores of people that are looking to shed some extra pounds, this article is about the fastest Indian vegetarian diet chart that will help you lose weight in seven days.
One can see at least three to five kilos of weight loss in a week with this quick weight loss diet plan. This extreme veg- etarian diet plan which might as well be a potion to transition oneself from a plus sized woman to a Victoria’s Secret model within a matter of few months.

This diet basically reduces the weight by burning the flab around your stom- ach and waist, and helps your skin glow, keeps you fit as a fiddle and eliminates toxins from your body to keep you light and energetic.
Weight Loss Tips:
•Regular workouts with weights will help you reach your goal faster and make you stronger.
•Don’t replace any foods recommended in these weight loss diet plans. They are superfoods and ideal for quick weight loss.

Meal Routine for Day 1:

One this day, you have to keep away from all temptations and focus on the consumption of fruits. Indulge in un- limited juicy fruits, excluding bananas, litchis, mangoes and grapes. Some of the suggested fruits are watermelon, orange, limes, apples and strawberries.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 apple
•Breakfast: Half cup cut fruits
•Mid Morning: Orange
•Lunch:1 cup watermelon
•Mid Afternoon: 1 kiwi
•Evening Snack: Half cup pomegranate •Dinner: 1 cup fruit salad
•Before Sleep: 1 sweet lime
•Pre Workout: 1 pear

•Post Workout: Half cup pineapple

Meal Routine for Day 2:

If the first day was all about fruits, the second day has to be primarily about veg- etables. You might want to eat them raw or boiled but they have to be vegetables.

Eat them to your heart’s content, as many times as you want. An added con- cession in all of this torture is that you get to have a spoonful of butter first thing in the morning with vegetables again because it will provide you with a day’s worthy of energy and carbohydrates to work throughout the hectic day. But after that, the consumption had to be without the added fat.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 spoonful butter + 5 sticks carrot
•Breakfast: Half cup of boiled vegetables (broccoli + french beans + carrot + peas) •Mid Morning: 1 whole cucumber •Lunch: 1 cup mixed vegetable salad (cu- cumber + carrot + tomato + beetroot + purple cabbage)

•Mid Afternoon: 1 big sized carrot •Evening Snack: half cup boiled chayote •Dinner: 1 cup green beans and peas salad (French beans + peas + onion + celery + capsicum)
•Before Sleep: 1 tomato
•Pre Workout: 1 english cucumber + half cup boiled peas
•Post Workout: 1 cup mixed vegetable and bean salad


Meal Routine for Day 3:

This wonderful, sunny day will be all about the combination of fruits and veg- etables. Try as much as possible to avoid potatoes because you will be provided with carbs from the ingestion of fruits.

By this time, you might feel like a bar of chocolate would be the only remedy to subdue your tortured cries of misery, but think about the weight loss mission that you’ve got to accomplish. It might just do the trick.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 tall glass water •Breakfast: 1 cup fresh watermelon

•Mid Morning: 5 sticks each of cucum- ber and carrot
•Lunch: Half cup boiled vegetables and half cup green apple

•Mid Afternoon: 1 apple
•Evening Snack: half cup sprouts salad •Dinner: 1 cup lobia + green mix salad •Before Sleep: 1 apple
•Pre Workout: 1 apple
•Post Workout: Half cup broccoli salad

Meal Routine for Day 4:

Abstinence from bananas on day one has officially been banished on this day. You can have milk and bananas as meals for the rest of the day. The number of bananas that you can have are six with at most four glasses of milk. Bananas and milk will provide you with sodium, cal- cium and potassium that might be lacking in the rest of the edible items that you’ve consumed in the previous three days.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 tall glass skimmed milk •Breakfast: 2 big bananas
•Mid Morning: 1 glass skimmed milk •Lunch: 1 glass banana milkshake •Mid Afternoon: 1 glass skimmed milk •Evening Snack: 1 banana

•Dinner: 1 glass banana milkshake •Before Sleep: 1 glass skimmed milk •Pre Workout: 1 big banana
•Post Workout: 1 glass banana milkshake

Meal Routine for Day 5:

Get ready for the happy dance because day five is a day of joy and festivities for you where you get to enjoy actual meals.

Soups can be consumed like tomato soup with little sugar, sprouts salad, cot- tage cheese or paneer, soya chunks with a tangy tomato sauce. Also, increase your water intake because you must aim to excrete uric acid from your body through urine. This process is known as detoxifica- tion.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 tall glass water
•Breakfast: 1 bowl sprouts salad
•Mid Morning: 1 small cup tomato soup •Lunch: 8-10 medium cube sized low fat paneer saute
•Mid Afternoon: Half cup sprouts salad •Evening Snack: Half soya chunks stir fried with veggies + 2 tbsp tangy tomato sauce

•Dinner: 1 cup sautéed sprouts with 8-10 medium cube sized low fat paneer •Before Sleep: 1 small cup tomato soup •Pre Workout: Half cup soaked sprouts raw salad

•Post Workout: 75g low fat paneer bhurji half cup sprouts salad

Meal Routine for Day 6:

Ah, here comes the second last day of your weight loss regime! This day brings more veggies excluding tomatoes. Toma- toes should be avoided on this day, except that all vegetables can be eaten and lots of water should be ingested for the process of detoxification.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 tall glass water + half dash lemon
•Breakfast: 1 bowl mixed vegetable soup •Mid Morning: Half cup crunchy veg- etable salad

•Lunch: 1 bowl sautéed mixed vegetables + Half cup sweet corn soup
•Mid Afternoon: 5 sticks each of cucum- ber and carrot

•Evening Snack: Purple cabbage and cu- cumber salad
•Dinner: 1 bowl clear vegetable soup + half cup tossed green salad

•Before Sleep: 2 glasses water
•Pre Workout: 1 bowl green peas and car- rot soup
•Post Workout: 1 cup sprouts

Meal Routine for Day 7:

This is the last day of your diet regime, which isn’t as restrictive as the previous ones were. You can havechapattis, fruit

juices, vegetable soups, one cup of brown rice. Con- sumption of these things will make you feel light and happy inside out. Once again, I must emphasize on the detail that consumption of water is a must because it will reg- ulate the process of detoxification evenly.

Sample Diet Plan:

•Wake Up: 1 tall glass water + half dash lemon
•Breakfast: 2 phulka + half cup cabbage subzi

•Mid Morning: 1 glass fresh homemade juice
•Lunch: 3/4th medium cup brown rice +half cup vegetable subzi

•Mid Afternoon: Half cup spinach soup •Evening Snack: 1 healthy vegetable warp •Dinner: 1 bowl broccoli and carrot salad + half cup mushroom soup

•Before Sleep: 1 glass fresh fruit home- made juice
•Pre Workout: 1 bowl vegetable soup

•Post Workout: 1 glass pineapple home- made juice

Some pointers that must be kept in mind when starting to follow this diet plan:
• No fruit juices for the first 6 days.
• No additional, fatty dressings on your salads except for lime, herbs or garlic.
• Drink lots of water.
• Workout for at least 45 minutes for bet- ter results.
• Avoid tea or coffee during these days. If you want to consume tea, have green tea, black tea or black coffee even but without an additional topping of sugar.n

Nishtha Chawla is an in-house nutritionist at Orobind and a fitness enthusiast. You can en- gage her in a conversation about books, fitness and fashion at www.orobind.com.Orobind is a startup that makes it easy for people to be healthy by connecting people to personal coaches through the apps.

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