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In a conversation with AAPI’s for Biden on January 12,  Congressman Ami  Bera ( D-CA7) explained why he endorsed Vice President Joe Biden’s run for President, “I am honored to be part of Team Biden and I will do everything I can to help elect President Biden.”

Bera pointed to Biden’s views on immigration, his 36 years as a senator  and 8 years as Vice President as key factors that influenced his decision.

“Immigration is a major incentive here,” said Bera. When he sat down with his family to consider who to support in the upcoming presidential election and review which issues were important to them and the country, “The answer was pretty clear- it’s Vice President Joe Biden.”

Bera served in congress during the Obama administration, where it was clear they believed “the greatest investments you could make were in people and giving every individual that opportunity.”

Fast forwarding to the last three years of the Trump administration, Bera says that in comparison, ”I think about how,  as opposed to uniting us as Americans, they’ve chosen to look for places to divide us.” 

The strength of  America is a society formed by generations weaving culture, traditions and religion together states Bera, which even if it makes this country difficult at times, also makes America such a unique place.

“The AAPi is no different than any other American other communities, Bera points out, “We just want to create a better life for our kids….and Joe Biden gets that “.

“He gets the importance of who we are as a nation. He understands the importance of solving immigration and starting to heal the wounds that divide us”. 

Biden’s 36 year tenure in the US Senate has helped him form deep relationships on both sides of the aisle and a track record of getting legislation across the finish line. 

“That matters” says Bera. “If there’s one person who can get comprehensive immigration reform its Joe Biden.”

It’s also important that the next President is “ready on day one” to counter what Bera calls the “devastation” being inflicted on the country by President Trump. Biden’s eight  years as Vice President makes him that person says Bera,. “Biden is the only one who is ready to lead. It was a no brainer for me.”

“The world is a better place with American leadership,” and  Bera thinks Joe Biden can “restore America’s place in the world.”

Though the AAPI is not always “the most politically vocal community” Bera says they have been incredibly important in organizing and playing an influential role in several elections, including the 2016 senatorial raceand the 2018 midterm elections at the congressional level. 

The  AAPI community will be incredibly important in this election as well because taking on Donald Trump “.. is going to be a competitive race.” The AAPI community will be consequential in determining “if candidate Biden becomes President Biden” states Bera, who says he “cannot really fathom what another four terms of Donald Trump would look like.”

The Asian American community is becoming a force to contend with  “Asian American members of congress at ‘its highest level’ and an intake of remarkable new members like Andy Kim and TJ Cox. “I am incredibly optimistic about the next generation,’ reflects Bera. 

“It is really time for our community, Asian Americans, to take a seat at the table and give back to a country that’s given us so much”.

Meera Kymal

Meera Kymal is Contributing Editor at India Currents and Founder/Producer at She produces multi-platform content on the South Asian diaspora through the lens of social justice,...