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Dr. Jagdish Luthra, the dean of the university’s College of Arts, Science and Humanities, is currently in the United States meeting with potential students and other officials of other US universities. Earlier this year, the school — a leading women’s university located in Rajasthan — announced that it is opening up its doors to US students. In an interview, Dr. Luthra, a former professor of physics at Dartmouth College and University of Alabama, speaks about Mody University’s plans to attract students from this country.

Q: Mody University is recruiting students from the United States. Tell us a little bit about the school

Mody University, located in Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan, just 75 miles away from the state capital of Jaipur, is one of the leading women’s universities of India. We have a world class infrastructure, dedicated faculty, state of the art laboratories providing excellent education in a safe and secure environment. The university was established in 1998 and has successfully graduated more than 10,000 students till date. Committed to excellence, Mody University seeks to impart knowledge and develop skills in women to become confident professionals well versed in modern science, technology, law, fashion, architecture and management practices while imbibing social sensitivity and environmental consciousness for the betterment of self and society.

Q: What are the strengths on Mody University? What is your pitch to US students?

Mody university has students from all over India with diverse backgrounds. The campus is prepared to accommodate students from all regions by providing excellent education, boarding and lodging facilities to students from all over the world. The academic programs of all the colleges are of international standards. This year Mody University is opening doors to the world. We have started an extensive international admission drive and we are providing the necessary facilities including international faculty. From studying to sports and cultural  activities, Mody University provides the best in everything. The faculty to student ratio is very good so the students get a personal attention for their career development.

Q: What is your USP?

The USP of Mody university is to provide international standard education to women with traditional values and global outlook. Mody university is committed to excellence in education to develop skills in women to become professionals in the modern world.

Q:  Do you have a study abroad program?

We have started the study abroad program with internships, which will grow into forming our study abroad program. Students have already interned in France, Germany, Switzerland and USA. Students have also been coming to Mody University from France.

Q: Do you have tie ups with US universities?

Mody University is currently interacting with several universities in the USA including, University of North Texas, University of Wisconsin, Wellesley College and Goucher College. We are in the process of establishing tie ups with the above and many other universities.

Q: How is Mody University preparing its students to be successful in today’s global economy?

Mody university is a rapidly evolving institution which continues to adapt to the needs of today’s world. Last year, two new and very popular colleges were added, namely the College of Architecture and Design and the College of Fashion Design and Merchandising. Both of these colleges have received a large number of students in their new programs. Mody University has also introduced the Choice Based Credit System under which students can take courses of their choice from any college. Interdisciplinary programs like renewable energy and IBM data analytics in computer science program. In addition several new programs from the College of Arts, Science and Humanities have been added this year to meet the need of the society and more are being added. Mody University also continues to develop its infrastructure, which includes two new auditoriums and an international cafeteria. We continue to diversify to meet the need of the hour.

 Q: As we live in global village, education too should be able to mark its presence throughout the world. What examples can be taken to make people believe that Mody University has a presence worldwide?

In addition to the United States, we are enrolling students from South East Asia and Middle East. A special reduced fee for SAARC countries has been provided to make it possible for them to enroll in Mody University. Several international collaborations, exchange programs and internships have been initiated. In addition, to meet the food requirements, an international cafeteria has been opened and arrangements are being made for international dining and living.