charity ball 2013



A glittering evening with Silicon Valley’s who’s who, gathered at the Silver Creek Country Club, to show that they have a big heart. The WomenNow Charity Ball, hosted by Ena Sarkar and her team, proved to be a huge success. Featuring Black gowns adorned by the WomenNow Team, white angels representing 7 Charities, exotic venue, food from Arka Restaurant, wine from Kirigin Cellars, ambience and entertainment by Bay Area’s favorite Singer, Raj Sohal, DJ- Edwin Singh and guest singer Minnie Shukla.

WomenNow started with the concept of bringing people together to celebrate the holiday season with the purpose of helping 7 charities that were handpicked to benefit from the event. During their last season, most of these charities were featured on their talk show. All of them had very unique stories and the single mission of helping uplift the underserved and underprivileged. WomenNow set out to use their brand as a platform to help close the gap between their guests and the charities and let guest connect with the charities they were supporting.




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