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 “So I injected some final-year feel into Anukripa and we decided to participate in Saahitya, IIT Madras’ Parody Contest. One night of head-scratching later, we came up with this parody of Call Me Maybe in the style of an Indian matrimonial ad! Then we enlisted the stellar acting skills of our favourite forever-freshie Krupa, and voila! (PS: We took inspiration from actual matrimonial pages and a lot of these were actual real ads, by the way.)” says Asmita Ghosh, a student of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras, on her facebook wall.

“The song has garnered nearly a million views. “ dreams are fulfilled!” says Asmita.

“Pliss to like it and share it  Cuz we’re millennials and we need online validation,” says Anukripa Elango.

Vandana Kumar

Vandana Kumar is a publishing executive with a 35-year track record in the industry. She leads the India Currents Foundation as President and CEO. As a new immigrant, she co-founded India Currents magazine...