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aaf923e80c28a11eb92123ff08299074-3To anyone interested, Prakash Chandras gives out a daily dose of art. Beginning last October, the San Jose-based artist started painting an image each day. Titled California Daily Art, the paintings reflect Chandras’s experiences as a Californian, and can be viewed on the

The idea sprung from an interview with poet David Allen Evans who writes a poem daily by finding a subject on his way to his backyard studio. For California Daily Art, Chandras’s own inspiration comes from various sources. Many a times he paints on location. Sometimes his work reflects his memories of travels from completed sketches, as well as photos. Scenes from Yosemite, images from San Francisco, Mission San Jose, the Stanford Arches … are all part of the daily visuals that Chandras delivers.

His paintings are 5″x6″ in size and usually take between two to three hours depending on the subject and the details. However, the most important element is that the paintings are completed in a day, stresses Chandras. “Sometimes I am fortunate to finish more than one painting per day.” What if he misses a day? “It has not happened yet. It is a self-discipline and I have been painting for over 35 years,” says Chandras, adding that he usually has some extra paintings from the days that he is able to do more than one painting for California Daily Art.

The point of this exercise? “The experience of painting daily makes it my visual diary which I love
aaf923e80c28a11eb92123ff08299074-2to share with the viewers,” explains Chandras. It also serves as a stimulus for his other larger art projects. Chandras also intends California Daily Art to be a sort of virtual vacation for viewers. “Viewers, including repatriated Californians have commented that they remember their visits to the actual sights of my paintings and they were able to time-travel there through my paintings once again. Art takes the viewer there. That is what I want others to experience.

“These paintings are affordable, collectable and thoroughly enjoyable,” says Chandras. By directly bringing art to the viewer, he hopes to spark an interest in art-collection among the new Internet generation.

Looking to see some art in your inbox? You can subscribe to emails linking to Chandras’ daily art at, or view his other art projects and learn more about his painting style at

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