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Last year Gauri Saksena quit her job as a finance manager at Cisco Systems in San Jose, Calif., and turned fulltime to pursue her love of music. The rewards were almost instantaneous. She landed an opportunity to work with Jawahar Wattal on a pop remix album Chane Ke Khet Mein. Remixes are the latest wave in India’s pop music scene. “They can never replace the original song,” says Saksena. “However, if done properly, they offer a different musical dimension that appeals to all generations, especially the younger generation. “The songs from my album hold a very special meaning to me and are very close to my heart. I feel honored to have sung these beautiful songs from yesteryears by some of my favorite singers like Asha Bhosleji,” says Saksena. Chane Ke Khet Mein has been very well received in the Bollywood music industry, and the response has been heartening, says Saksena. She is looking forward to some exciting projects in the near future. You can also catch Saksena’s melodies at local events. She is the lead singer for Bay Area band, Dhun, which performs shows for nonprofits like IDRF and Sankara Eye Foundation.