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Bobby Jindal is unlikely to figure in the first Republican presidential debate on August 6 as his national poll ratings has kept him out of the list of popular top 10 candidates so far, reported Politico.

There will be 9 official televised debates. In hopes of managing the expansive field, host networks Fox and CNN have put out the basis on which would be decided as to who would participate in the debates. Fox said it will only invite the top 10 finishers in recent opinion polls to debate, whereas CNN will split the field in two: those polling in the top 10 and then a separate debate with the rest of the field so long as they reach 1% in national polls.

As of now the lead is taken by billionaire Donald Trump followed by Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida. In a poll this week Trump was the first choice of one-quarter of Republican voters.

Politico yesterday reported that Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum are among the two major candidates who are out of the first Republican debate.

Top Republican presidential contenders have begun preparations for their maiden Grand-Old-Party (GOP) debate on August 6 to be hosted by the Fox News. Mr Bush, who is leading in raising maximum amount of money so far, yesterday launched a debate watch party.

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