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Gilroy Gardens is California’s only horticulture-themed amusement park—and will be introducing a brand-new event called “Fantastical Flowers” in Spring 2023. You’ll enjoy colorful flower displays and whimsical sculptures throughout the park during this spectacular celebration of all things that bloom.

To experience Fantastical Flowers and all the park’s other amazing attractions, purchase 2023 Premium Memberships for the whole family today. Why the hurry, you ask? Well, you can actually start using your 2023 memberships right away and enjoy unlimited admission for the rest of 2022—so it’s really like getting a year-and-a-half of family fun and magical memories.

At Gilroy Gardens, Premium Members enjoy free admission throughout the regular season and at special seasonal events like Halloween and Holiday. You also get free parking and in-park discounts on food, merchandise, and cabana rentals. One of our favorite Premium perks is Bring-a-Friend-Free Fridays, so your kids can all bring a friend along to play at the park for free!

Gilroy Gardens truly is a magical wonderland for families with young kids, featuring over 40 fun rides and educational exhibits nestled among gorgeous gardens and over 10,000 trees. Water Oasis features twisty water slides, a giant tipping bucket, and plenty of water play areas for even your youngest ones.

The park is also home to majestic gardens and over 10,000 trees—including the world-famous “Circus Trees,” incredible works of living art that you simply have to see to believe.

For more information about the Gilroy Gardens and 2023 Premium Memberships, go to