I found newfound respect for my wife and for other women who joined her at the Padmavati event held in Silicon Valley last week. All of you planned out elaborate costumes to wear along with ethnic jewelry, and this was only part of the reason for my admiration. What was really appreciated was that the entire event brought out the true inner happiness in all the women involved. There was youthfulness, zest and enthusiasm in full display, regardless of your age.

Any woman of substance is a Padmavati herself, and I have never seen so many happy faces dress up with such enthusiasm for a movie, and participate with a rather innocent, child like zeal throughout the entire movie premiere. The ghoomar dance performance, planned as a flash mob outside the theater was a feast for the eyes.

I could feel your enthusiastic fervor permeate the entire event, and then the same ebullience overflowed into social media. I think you gave new meaning to the word “movie” and what it is supposed to represent, which is unadulterated entertainment. A movie is not a lecture on morality. A movie is neither an opinion nor a debate. It is neither a course in history nor a time capsule of past events. A movie is a story as visualized by the director which is made to be enjoyed by audience members.

A person with a different viewpoint is free to produce their own movie. Most importantly, you have a choice to watch or not watch a particular movie. A movie producer cannot determine who watches a particular movie nor can he determine whether you approve of it or not. You do that.

A movie’s storyline is born out of a society and it can still challenge the mores of that same society, forcing a collective look into its own ways of being.  A movie can also form a modern viewpoint based on past events along with an anticipation of a better future.

In celebrating this movie for the sake of entertainment and nothing else, you may have created history and one day there may be a movie made on you and how you embodied the indomitable and invincible spirit of Padmavati, no matter what the movie was actually named or what it depicted in a direct or indirect manner. You wanted to enjoy the movie and no sena could stop you from doing that. Your talent is unquestionable. You led from the front. You supported cinematic creativity and artistic brilliance on screen, thereby appreciating the hard work of those who attempted to entertain you.

A salute to all of you!

The event was organized by dentist Dr. Sheetal Gokhale and Kavita Agrawal to celebrate cinema and to raise money for  the “India Literacy Project (ILP”).
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