The latest production of the French Canadian traveling circus, “Amaluna,” is a magical romance, inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Directed by Broadway powerhouse Diane Paulus, the Tony-winning “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess,” the story traces a mysterious island governed by Goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon.


Queen  Prospera has a coming-of-age ceremony for her daughter Miranda, which is interrupted by the arrival of several shipwrecked men. Miranda instantly falls for the dashing Romeo, but the two lovers must overcome many trials and setbacks before finding peace together.  As the story unfolds, the dazzling arts of Cirque du Soleil illustrate the tale. The island world of Amaluna bursts to life with jugglers, aerial performers, dancers, unicyclists and much more.










Amaluna is a fusion of the words ama, which refers to “mother,” and luna, which means “moon,” a symbol of femininity that evokes both the mother-daughter relationship and the idea of goddess and protector of the planet. Amaluna is also the name of the mysterious island where the story unfolds.

Jan. 22-March 2, under the Big Top at the Taylor Street Bridge, San Jose
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes, one intermission
Tickets: $45-$270, (800) 450-1480, www.cirquedusoleil.com

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