Simple, contented, and worldly wise was he,

“Be a selective collector of books,” he would tell me,

“And remember this mantra, ‘Never a Borrower or Lender be’.”

Whenever I asked the meaning of a word -“Dad, do you know what it means?”

Without batting an eyelid he would reply, “If you are a learner so keen,

go refer to a dictionary, for that is where you will find what it means.”

Voracious reader, a lover of Shakespearean poetry,

collector of various quotes, and Urdu Shayari.

The love of poetry, the most precious legacy he left me.

-copyright Anita Mohan

Image by Moondance from Pixabay

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Anita R Mohan is a poet and a freelance contributor who loves to write on various themes. She mainly writes about women, India, Indian life, and culture.