A social media food blogger

Aneesha Gupta is the founder of Spice Cravings, a blog where she shares quick and easy-to-make international recipes. In 2020, Aneesha published the “Electric Pressure Cooker Curry Cookbook,” sharing simple curry recipes from all over the world. Along with accumulating tens of thousands of followers on social media, Aneesha has been mentioned by organizations like NBC News, Delish, MSN, and LA Weekly and featured on podcasts like Dishing with Delishes. 

In an exclusive interview with Kaashvi Mittal of India Currents, the founder of Spice Cravings shares her story as a food blogger! 

Do you have a favorite dish?  

AG: Dal Tadka with Rice

If you could only eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 

AG: Indian. I’ve grown up eating Indian food, so I find great comfort in it. It’s soul food for me!

What’s a weird food combo you tried that you actually loved? 

AG: Fried Chicken & Waffles. When I tried this combo 20 years ago, I was so skeptical. Never expected a fried savory dish to work so well with a doughy waffle topped with maple syrup. Now, it’s one of my favorite brunch dishes!

A plate of Indian food
A recipe created by Aneesha Gupta

Why did you become a food blogger? 

AG: I was a graphic designer and illustrator before pursuing food blogging as a full-time career. My passion for cooking combined with the desire to teach my kids the important life skill of cooking is what inspired me to start my food blog, Spice Cravings. 

How do you create innovative recipe ideas?

AG: My recipes are inspired by a variety of factors – my curiosity to experiment with spices, my Indian roots, world cuisine, and life as a working mom! I experiment with recipes across different cuisines to create 30-minute meals and fusion dishes that require minimal effort.

Tell us about your book, Electric Pressure Cooker Curry Cookbook? 

AG: I have always been fascinated with how spices traveled around the world and integrated with local cuisines, cultures, and ingredients to create a variety of unique curries, so I decided to jump at the opportunity to write a book about world curries.

What makes your cookbook unique?

My book provides a foodie with the history of how curry traveled around the world and blended with local cuisines and spices to create unique recipes and accompaniments. I haven’t come across another book that offers this unique combination. 

A plate of food
An Indian recipe from Spice Cravings

Does a food blogger face any challenges? 

AG: The most challenging part is the ever-changing algorithms of search, social media, user engagement, and, more recently, the threat of AI tools replacing my content. Every few months, I have to adapt to these changes and change course accordingly. That takes up precious time that I could be using to create more recipes. 

What are you most proud of? 

AG: Even though I have been recognized by several food brands and media houses for my contributions, I feel my biggest accomplishment is the ability to inspire my readers to cook healthy and tasty meals at home in a short amount of time. I take immense pride in that!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

AG: I draw inspiration from ‘everyday life.’ Sometimes it’s a combination of seasonal produce and exotic spices, or a memorable meal I had with my family, and other times, “time” is the inspiring factor – How fast can I create a satisfying meal for my family with what I have on hand? 

Any advice for aspiring food bloggers out there? 

AG: Food blogging has become a very competitive industry now. I would highly recommend doing your homework before starting your food blog. Understand how blogging works, learn good SEO practices, and spend some time learning food photography and composition. Most importantly, be true to yourself. 

Any memorable kitchen disasters?

AG: Oh, I’ve had a few! One time I was experimenting with a low-carb bread recipe and decided to substitute all-purpose flour with flax-seed flour, and then added some baking soda so it would rise. My bread baked not just out of the pan, but right through the oven racks!  Needless to say, that recipe never made it to the blog.

Kaashvi Mittal is a rising sophomore at Saint Francis High School. Her interests include computer science, AI, and writing!