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Editor’s Note: This poem reminds us of the need to come together in a spirit of unity regardless of religious affiliation. This ode to peace is especially true in this present climate of uncertainty where divisive forces threaten to divide instead of unify us as Americans.
About the Poem
Meera Prahlad authored and shared this poem in the San Jose City Council on October 25, when accepting a Proclamation on behalf of the community, in her role as Indiaspora’s Diwali Stamp Ambassador.  The Proclamation was led by Council Member Ash Kalra and presented by Mayor Sam Liccardo.  The poem is a universal message of unity and brotherhood, and a hope for world peace.  
E Pluribus Unum
In a world that is filled with religious turmoil
Mankind’s oneness is destroyed and Mother Earth despoiled
But be it Rama or Krishna, Elohim or Jesus
Be it Allah or Buddha, they all have a nexus
The message to us mortals is be patient, be kind
Be loving to your brother, that’s all you’ll find
Bible or the Gita, the lesson is clear
Love all your fellowmen, hold each of them dear
In Sanskrit, in Latin, Arabic and Hebrew
The Gods, they’re all a part of the same motley crew
Whether you worship in a church, or you worship in a shrine
My God is yours, and yours is mine
In a temple or a mosque, your holy place of worship,
Make connection with God – a sacred relationship
Make Love your religion, let it not be about hate
Let Peace be your religion, wars annihilate
Whether you pray with hands folded, or you pray as you kneel
Compassion and kindness is what all scriptures reveal
Whether you say Hail Mary or chant Hari Om
Let Tolerance be your mantra and Peace your cornerstone.
Meera Prahlad is a freelance writer and community organizer, with a variety of interests.  She takes on causes close to her heart, to make a meaningful impact on the community around her.  She is especially proud of her recent passionate grassroots involvement with Indiaspora’s initiative to get the Diwali stamp issued – a victory that represents every Indian-American.