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From commenting on Amitabh Bachchan’s blog ( to meeting him in person—it was like an impossible dream come true.


Out of sheer curiosity about whether the mega-star  wrote his blog himself and the fact that I’d always  considered myself to be his biggest fan alive, I had started reading  and commenting on his blog. Very quickly, the issues he talked about, and his command over the language convinced me that I was privy to the Big Man’s thoughts. It was an added bonus when he sometimes replied to those comments.

My request to meet him along with some friends of mine was accepted with amazing alacrity. And there we were, four bundles of nerves, waiting in his office to make his appearance. What followed was an unbelievable 2 hours—chatting about him, about ourselves, and everything we could think of. Like an indulgent elder he listened to us and laughed with us—no longer the awesome figure but almost somebody from the family, and well, he does call his blog readers his FMXT (Extended Family)!

I have met other film stars, but one of the things which put Mr. Bachchan in a class of his own is his utter lack of airs and his chivalry. Who could’ve imagined that a man of his stature would actually hold a door for us or walk us up to the very gate?

We went in fans of the actor and came out bowled over by the man!

Madhumita Gupta

Madhumita Gupta has written for The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and the India Currents. Her prize-winning stories have been published in various anthologies and international publications like SAWF...