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Amidst a sea of flops, both Ravi Teja and Srinu Vaitla have teamed up for Amar Akbar Anthony. With Srinu Vaitla promising a new experience and blockbuster production company Mythri Movie Makers on board, the movie has just been released with a lot of accompanying hype.

Amar (Ravi Teja) and Aishwarya’s (Illeana) parents were killed by business partners, and Amar has to go to jail for 14 years. When he comes out, he sets out on a revenge mission to kill all the people responsible for his tragedy. Amidst all of this, there are two more people – Akbar and Anthony, who look exactly like Amar but are different in many other ways. What role do they play in the movie? Are they really three different people or are they the same person? Does Amar succeed in his mission to take revenge? All of these questions are answered in the movie.

Ravi Teja as Amar is ok, but this isn’t his best effort onscreen. As Amar, he is somewhat comfortable, but as Akbar he overacts in every scene. His performance as Anthony is just awkward overall. Not a good performance by Ravi Teja, but I wonder if he could have done more with the script being so poor. Illeana comes back to Tollywood, and she does justice to a role with more than one dimension. None of the comedians work except Vennela Kishore, who brings a few laughs here and there. The villains are completely useless and stereotypical in their performances. Sayaji Shinde arguably puts in the best performance in the whole movie. Abhimanyu Singh is okay in his role. 

The script written by Vamshi Rajesh and Vaitla is completely routine and predictable, serving an average revenge story with no substance to viewers. To compensate for this, Vaitla tries to add in some novelty into the movie with the disorders and the mystery shrouding the characters Amar, Akbar, and Anthony based on a lighthearted tone. The shoddy writing doesn’t help to carry the story. The roles for Akbar and Anthony are only added to bring some sort of variety into the movie, but every time they come onscreen it serves to annoy rather than being funny. None of the scenes are well supported with strong writing- they feel haphazard in their treatment. 

Vaitla also fails horribly as a director yet again. He falls back into his old ways of using spoof and mundane comedic scenes. The first half of the movie is a complete drag. The setting of New York has nothing to do with the story whatsoever, but keeping this aside, after a mediocre beginning, the movie crashes once the spoof comedy starts. None-and I repeat none- of the comedy works, with the spoofs falling completely flat. When the movie gets serious, the scenes don’t really have much of an impact since it is watered down with shoddy writing and screenplay. The twist at the intermission and the initial portions of the second half of the movie are encouraging, but with Sunil’s entry, everything goes downhill again with crass comedy. Vaitla tries to incorporate emotion in the flashback, but it just ends up dragging the movie down further. Rather than using the twist to his advantage, Vaitla completely ruins it with hackneyed screenplay and predictability. Vaitla has once again tried to incorporate comedy into serious moments. There are random scenes in the middle of the movie which are so nonsensical that one wonders why they are in the movie. Added to this, anything slightly interesting is ruined by more disarray in the name of “comedy.” The ending also ends up being as predictable as possible. 

S.S. Thaman’s music and background score are very lethargic and overused. Cinematography is very brilliant, with the scenes showing rich class. Editing is needed, but the editor did the best they could do with the content that was shot. Production values by Mythri Movie Makers are as always top notch. 

Mythri Movie Makers need to spend some time in introspection. In the span of two weeks, they have produced two below average movies. While the first one showed some promise, this one completely disappoints. Plus points are the cinematography and the story twist at the intermission. On the flip side, a bare script, horrible screenplay and direction, dull and drab comedy, and bad music leave the movie an uninspiring and unlikeable effort.

All in all, Amar Akbar Anthony is Abysmal, Atrocious, and Annoying!