A Dedication to Ramayanam


Bharatanatyam, the most popular Indian classical dance, continues to pave its way across America in the production “Sri Ramaarpanam.”
c0bcf6bf9c11312797a2becd99f5d93c-2Dancer Shilpa Torvi’s work and choreography exemplify the graceful dynamism of bharatnatyam, a sensitive approach to characters and an intuitive understanding of the body in performance space. Torvi is the disciple of the renowned artist Vishal Ramani, artistic director of Shri Krupa Dance Company. Torvi performed her arangetram under Ramani’s guidance in 2003. Torvi is an acclaimed soloist and has been performing in selected group performances including the BMM Convention 1999 in Khel Mandiyela and the Vishwa Sahitya Sammelan.

Torvi chose to explore the tantalizing tale through bharatnatyam as a way of understanding about the legend, especially the cultural aspects, and as a way to open dialogue to the new generation through demonstrating the love, compassion, and bravery on the devotional level. It is a sincere effort of retelling the tale and sharing it in a dance drama form with people in an entertaining manner. Full of adventure and magic, this breathtaking saga brings to life a world where gods walk the earth, mages shape-lift and macabre demons long to feast the blood of warriors.

As a special tribute and mark of respect to Ramani, who will be present, Torvi will dedicate a solo performance, which was choreographed for Torvi many years ago.

The show will also include over 30 enthusiastic performers.

Saturday, March 26, 4 p.m. 4450 McCoy Ave,, San Jose. Tickets:[email protected]. www.shrikrupa.org.

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