Five Ways to Overcome Shyness Around Women
Five Ways to Overcome Shyness Around Women

Breaking the ice” can be one of the most daunting steps in meeting a new woman. Try these five unique conversation starters.

1. The “Thinking Out Loud” Technique
This approach can work very well in public settings where someone has caught your eye. If you see someone you’re attracted to at the grocery store, make a humorous comment about a headline in one of the tabloid magazines. Or you might muse sarcastically about the strange items in the “impulse buy” section near the cash register. It will seem like you’re just thinking out loud, but a smile in her direction may very well earn you a laugh and a reply.

2. “I’m New Here”
An easy way to talk to someone new at a gathering is to say, “Hey, I don’t know many people here, so I thought I’d come over and say hello.” A variation for public settings could be, “Hey there, I’m new to the area and looking to meet cool people. What do you like best about living here?”

3. The Door-Opening “Hi”
Try this approach when you are at a club or event where you and the lovely lady will be in attendance for awhile. Walk by her and simply but directly say “Hi” while smiling warmly and making eye contact—then keep walking to show her you had no agenda. This simple conversation starter can set the stage for future interactions during the event.

4. Create Customized Conversation Starters
Think about the top three places you tend to meet women; some examples might be at the gym, in clubs/bars or at the park while walking your dog. Now develop 5 to 10 relevant, customized conversation starters specific to each situation.

5. Honesty and Authenticity
Some guys get so wrapped up trying to think up clever new pickup lines that they lose sight of one of the most valuable and effective approaches: being authentic. Come up with a way to express the truth: “Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you and just had to come up and say “hello” or, “You caught my eye, so I just had to meet you.” At the very least, you’ll make her day; and who knows it could lead to something more!

Meeting new women can seem daunting, but the right approach can definitely help to get the conversation started.

Jasbina Ahluwalia is the Founder-President of Intersections Match by Jasbina, the only premier dating coaching firm for Indian singles in the US, Canada and the UK.

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