3 Signs You are Ready For Plastic Surgery

Somewhere between making your career happen and raising your family, life got busy. Even though you have a lot to be proud of, you might struggle with how your appearance has changed. If your plate is full but your confidence has waned, plastic surgery may be an option. Here are some ways to know if plastic surgery is right for you.

You Are Already Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Safety is the first priority in plastic surgery. Most plastic surgery procedures are outpatient if you are in good health and do not smoke. If you are near your ideal body weight but have a stubborn area that does not respond to careful diet and exercise, you may be a good candidate for plastic surgery. For example, if you have lost your pregnancy weight, but your belly skin appears saggy, a tummy tuck may be an effective way of increasing your self- confidence. Or, if you exercise regularly but still struggle with large thighs, liposuction can be a safe method to improve your overall contour.

You Understand What Plastic Surgery Can Do

Television often equates plastic surgery with miraculous transformations. In reality, elective cosmetic surgery is intended to make you a better version of yourself through a safe, realistic plan created by you and your plastic surgeon. For example, a woman with heavy breasts may benefit from a breast reduction. She will feel lighter and more comfortable, but she will not look like a different person; she will be a more proportional version of herself.

You and Your Surgeon Are a Good “Fit”

Surgeons, like patients, are diverse. When you are ready to embark on the journey, find an American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified surgeon who hears you, understands your goals, and can help you get there. Connecting with your surgeon and communicating your priorities are among the most important factors in a successful outcome.

At Duet Plastic Surgery, we are a team of female plastic surgeons with a discreet boutique practice in Palo Alto.  Dr. Jennifer Weintraub and Dr. Angeline Lim take pride in restoring confidence and helping our patients become the most self-assured versions of themselves