Congratulations to India Currents on its 25th anniversary! Who could foresee that you would still be here, informing, engaging, provoking readers — and picking up many awards along the way. The staff, the readers, and the advertisers all deserve a big round of applause for this milestone.

Arvind Kumar, San Jose
Founding Team, India Currents

For the last five years I have been in Jamnagar, India, following from afar with great pride the long strides India Currents has taken in recent years. I enjoy the many interesting stories in each issue, especially the editorials, winning entries from the fiction contest, and the calendar of events (even though I can’t attend them now). The emailed magazine in my mailbox is a welcome perk.

I know firsthand the effort and commitment it takes to produce each issue. Many thanks and best wishes to the staff of India Currents on the 25th anniversary of the publication of the magazine.

Ashok Jethanandani
Founding Team, India Currents

Today I received the latest issue of India Currents and read about one-third of it already. The articles are always thought provoking, informational, historical, personal and of many varieties. I congratulate you on publishing an excellent magazine. Last month when I read an article about Frank Rogers (Cal PhD 1958) and an article The Brave Queen by him, Memories of Patti and few other stories I thought about writing this note of appreciation. So this time as soon as I received the latest issue and read through some of it, I had to speak out right away. “Transitions” on page one of the March issue does a much better job in describing the good journalism of the magazine than I can do.

Please pass on my congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the magazine and appreciation to your team.

Dinesh Arora, Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations India Currents on celebrating your 25th Anniversary! Bravo!

Ramesh Bhambra, San Jose, CA

My best wishes and congratulations to India Currents on fulfilling 25 years of successfully bringing out a great publication.

I cannot imagine a Bay Area without an India Currents magazine. Ever since the 80s India Currents has kept up its reputation as a great cultural resource and sparked lively debates on a variety of issues. In our family, my parents and all of us always read the magazine from cover to cover and I have hoarded so many issues over the years to save articles that I had enjoyed reading. And for publicity for our dance shows, getting in advertisements, photos, and articles into India Currents have taken top priority all these years.

It has also been a great resource for all things Indian for my students at University of California, Santa Cruz—thanks to the over 30 free copies that you have supplied to them for the past eight years.

Congratulations and keep up the great work.

Mythili Kumar, Artistic Director,
Abhinaya Dance Company

India Currents has been a consistent source of information about the comings and goings of all things Indian for the past 25 years. The Ali Akbar College of Music has been grateful to work with such a friendly and caring staff thoughout the years. Congratulations to India Currents for being the community friendly magazine that you are.

Mary Khan, Director,
Ali Akbar College of Music

India Currents has always been a big source of support for bringing news of the great gifts of Indian culture here in the U.S., and I’m glad to be part of the same community. Working with them has always been a pleasure for me. I congratulate them on their 25th anniversary!

Zakir Hussain, Musician, San Rafael, CA

I started reading India Currents about 20 years ago. As an elected official and a friends of the Indian community, I always took great pleasure in being informed from a respected source on what was most important and what I had to look forward to.

The magaine’s remarkable coverage on the Indian American community keeps me informed, engaged, and always entertained. As a Latina woman your community has always been part of my extended family.

We have so much in common. Hopefully this message will give you some insight as to how much I respect and treasure you.

Wishing you another 25 years of success!

Liz Figueroa, State Senator (Retd), CA

I wish India Currents a very happy anniversary. I love India Currents because its one of very few magazines which cares about its sponsors and helps indian immigrants resolve their problems through extensive and researched reporting! I wish Vandana and Derek all success!

Anu Peshawaria, Attorney- at-law, CA

I am delighted to congratulate India Currents for completing 25 years of service, offering substantive, social and inspirational content that is relevant and needed for the community. Balaji Temple has been utilizing your services for the last couple of years, and we are delighted with your dedication and high quality customer service.

We wish you the best for the future and are confident that India Currents will enjoy a bright future of continued growth and success in the years ahead!

Swamiji Narayananda, President,
Balaji Temple

India Currents has come such a long way in 25 years! Along with the Indian American community itself, India Currents has continued to grow and thrive. I commend the magazine on its remarkable achievement. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary.

Jeevan Zutshi, Founder,
Indo-American Community Federation

Congratulations to the India Currents team on its 25th anniversary. India Currents has done a fantastic job of keeping in touch with the pulse of the Indian community.

Anil Godhwani, Founder, Simply Hired, and India Community Center (ICC)

Congratulations to Vandana and her team in India Currents, for having steered the magazine succesfully towards its 25th anniversary. The magazine has evolved to become Bay Area’s best community events and opinions magazine.
Reena Rao, TV Asia

I wanted to reinforce the message about the incredibly impressive quality ofIndia Currents. Congratulations on 25 years of hard-won success in a visionary enterprise. As a pretty critical reader and editor, I’m in awe of your achievement.

William Ray, PhD, Editorial Director
New Wedding Planet

Congratulations to India Currents on celebrating 25 years of enriching the arts and culture of India in the United States. India Currents is the first magazine we turn to for promoting our events in California. Keep it up!

Indumathy Ganesh, Artistic Director,
Nrithyollasa Dance Academy

Wishing you a happy 25th anniversary, India Currents. East or West, India Currents is the best! It is my privilege to place an ad in the first issue of the southern California edition of India Currents. Congratulations!

Vijaya Bhanu, Founder, Director,
Sri Sakti Sarade Kalaniketan

Thank you for your continued service and presence in our community! Congratulations!

Malathi Iyengar, Founder
Artistic Director, Rangoli

In 1990 when we moved to the Bay Area, I came across a magazine outside an Indian store called India Currents. I was so excited to see it!

Just like any newcomer in the area, I wanted to know what resources were available to me: professional as well as social. This was much before Google/Facebook when it was not easy to find business or services that catered to the Indian community. Or events that were of interest to the community. Since then I have been a loyal subscriber!

Deepka Lalwani, President,
Indian Business and Professional Women

Congratulations to India Currents—one of the coolest desi publications in the U.S.! Enlightening and shaking up the community.

 Vivek Wadhwa, Entrepreneur/Academic

Congratulations to India Currents on its 25th anniversary! In the last two decades India Currents has truly become a voice for the community. Its unbiased and exhaustive coverage of issues affecting the Indian diaspora has not only allowed for rich editorial commentary but also positioned India Currents’ continued success and hope it will continue to provide insight, understanding and perspective on community issues for future generations of Indian Americans.

Tanuja Bahal, Executive Director,
India Community Center

Congratulations to India Currents for a major milestone. For 25 years, the magazine has been the “go-to” place to check out all things Indian—for the list of events so thoughtfully compiled, the articles, the short stories and the thought provoking pieces. I wish you much luck and a great 25 years ahead!

Anu Natarajan,
Fremont City Council member

The Bay Area is famous for being the land where great minds have come together to prove their prowess in the “silicon” world. The land where great artists like Ustad Zakir Hussain and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan reside is also the land that has a current flowing connecting the hearts and minds of all Indians in the Silicon Valley. This current is a magazine called India Currents.

Every immigrant from India that lands on the shores of the Silicon Valley seeks and scans searching for the sounds of India. The most common thing and the most recommended thing to reach for is a magazine called India Currents.

In a world ruled by the internet, viral marketing and Facebook, a world where book stores like Borders have been pushed aside India Currents is the one magazine that has not only kept its readership but also become the cornerstone of every event big or small in the Indian community. Today even a Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or a Kailash Kher when performing in the Bay Area needs India Currents on their side. Very little happens with the Indian community by way of cultural, educational or religious gatherings that does not need India Currents to advertise or talk about it.

Aptly named, India Currents is a magazine about India and the current that keeps India alive in the hearts of all people here. It connects us to our roots and connects us to each other. I salute my country India and then I salute India Currents for bringing my country and my culture to me every month.

Congratulations India Currents on turning 25!! I wait for you to turn 50 and then a hundred!! I am sure we will all be there to rejoice in your glory with music and fanfare.

Congratulations and Best Wishes

Pandit Habib Khan, San Jose
Habib Khan Saraswati Temple and Gurukul