Chamber Music Silicon Valley breaks the mold at the 2018 Silicon Valley Music Festival with the launch of a boundary-blurring Ensemble-in-Residence supported by Knight Foundation. 

San Jose, CA – June 11, 2018 – Now in its 7th year, the 2018 Silicon Valley Music Festival (SVMF) will serve as the debut of a fresh addition to CMSV’s initiatives: their bold new Ensemble-in-Residence, “Common Sounds.” The festival will take place from June 24th -30th at various venues throughout San Jose, and will include a diverse assortment of events ranging from a public forum, various traditional global dance forms, and an eclectic mix of live musical performances accentuated by visual arts. Headlining events will be held on the evenings of June 28th, 29th, and 30th at the Rotary Summit Center in downtown San Jose.

After receiving the competitive Knight Community Arts Grant, CMSV’s dream to launch their new Ensemble-in Residence became a reality. Common Sounds is a versatile ensemble that daringly fuses Western classical musicians with traditional global artists, created to serve as a universal performance platform and bridge between the communities of San Jose, global cultures, and their rich art. The initiative successfully builds on CMSV’s overarching mission to enrich the cultural life of Silicon Valley through the cultivation of accessible and innovative chamber music, while bringing international acclaim to the ingenuity born in this region beyond the world of tech. Silicon Valley Music Festival perfectly sets the stage for the launch of such a paradigm-bending endeavor, as the festival has always strived to provide programming that is equally envelope-pushing, uniquely captivating, and collaborative in spirit. Produced in collaboration with San Jose Museum of Art, Mosaic Silicon Valley, Noon Arts and Lectures Series and San Jose Chamber Orchestra, this year’s programming promises an unforgettable and enriching tour-de-force that will deepen audiences’ knowledge of some of the oldest cultures and traditions on earth, which will be brought to life by the talents of an eclectic mix of international artists. 

“Common Sounds will take you on a fruitful journey during 2018’s SVMF. By the end of the festival, you will have painted your canvas of artistic experience with the indigenous colors and flavors of cultures you had previously only dreamt of,” said Ray Furuta, Founder and Artistic Director of CMSV. “From a rousing ritual scene of Egypt in ‘Zar’ to ‘Music Inspired by Rageshree,’ an Indian raga that conveys unconditional, unrelenting, and selfless love, we’ll whisk you away to destinations unknown: through the rich culture of Iran, the captivating instruments of Vietnam, the time-honored folk traditions of Japan, and eventually back to the impeccable landscape of America.”

The sonic enrichment provided by the global musicians of Common Sounds will be heightened by the visual enrichment of diverse world dance performances, provided by world-class talent from Mosaic Silicon Valley. Among their performances will be traditional Mexican dance by Grupo Folklorico Los Laureles, Flemenco by Fanny Ara, and the ancient art of Sufi Dance by Nava Dance Collective. These dancers, who aim to transform the tendency towards cultural silos into a celebration of cultural cohesion through their vibrant and harmonious art form, are the perfect compliment to Common Sounds’ driving mission to use the universal language of music and rhythm to bridge perceived cultural differences.

Presenting their inaugural headlining performance on the evening of June, 28th, Common Sounds is made up of dynamic young musicians from San Jose and abroad. Throughout the year, these artists will curate and present diverse and accessible programs featuring performing and visual arts. These programs will feature original music by the ensemble members, transcriptions of world folk music, and newly composed works by established composers. Lead by renowned artists: Flutist and San Jose native, Ray Furuta, and Egyptian Hornist Amr Selim, the ensemble includes both classically trained and folk musicians such as Van Anh Vo (Vietnamese Dan Bau), Chiffon Fu (Chinese Guzheng),  Farzin Dehghan (Iranian Kamancheh) and Taylor Ackley (American Banjo).  

 In keeping with their goal of presenting accessible classical chamber music programming and education, CMSV is offering a public forum and flash mob (free with San Jose Museum of Art admission) and several free performances throughout the festival, as well as student tickets to headlining festival performances for only $10 (while general admission tickets cost $35). Headlining performances will be preceded by a happy hour and followed by an after party (locations to be announced following each performance), and each have ample parking on site and are located within walking distance of San Jose State University. 

Tickets: SVMF2018.EVENTBRITE.COM [$0-$35]


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Sunday, June 24th at 3:00 pm: Common Sounds Flash Mob [FREE WITH MUSEUM ADMISSION] In artistic collaboration with San Jose Museum of Art’s “New Terrains” initiative,Common Sounds performs live at SJMA in a flash-mob-styled performance.

Sunday, June 24th at 4:00pm: Forum: Music, Belief, and Global Conflict [FREE WITH MUSEUM ADMISSION] Following the Flash Mob Performance, Common Sounds artists come together to discuss music’s role in global beliefs and conflicts at San Jose Museum of Art.    

Monday, June 25th at 12:00pm: Noontime performance [FREE EVENT] Common Sounds presents an eclectic mix of sounds from the East and the West…and everything in between. Event held at the First Unitarian Church of San Jose.

Tuesday, June 26th at 12:00pm: Noontime performance [FREE EVENT]  Common Sounds presents an eclectic mix of sounds from the East and the West…and everything in between. Event held at the Beethoven Center, Schiro Gallery.

 Wednesday, June 27th at 12:00pm: Noontime performance [FREE EVENT] Common Sounds presents an eclectic mix of sounds from the East and the West…and everything in between. Event held at the Forager Tasting Room.

Thursday, June 28th at 7:30pm: Common Sounds Headlining Debut  [$10-$35] Be a part of this bold beginning with us. For their debut, Common Sounds will perform music inspired by the cultures of China, Mexico, India, and the Middle East.

 Friday, June 29th at 7:30pm: Night at the Caravanserai [$10-$35] You’ll be carried to a world where boundaries blur, as Common Sounds presents a lively mix of sounds of Japan, Vietnam, India, and Klezmer Traditions.

 Saturday, June 30th at 7:30pm: Finale: Ayre [$10-$35] Join us for the dynamic finale of this grand celebration. Copland’s monumental Appalachian Spring, Osvaldo Golijov’s Ayre, and some finale-worthy surprises.