New documentary about Asian American entrepreneurs

A new documentary film titled “Builders of The Silicon Dream” is set to premiere this year, exploring the experiences of Asian American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. 

The documentary film tells the story of the immigrants who have made significant contributions to the growth and success of Silicon Valley. The film examines the foundation of the American spirit in Silicon Valley, where many immigrants have become successful entrepreneurs. It highlights the stories of immigrants who started businesses, joined the tech workforce, and brought diverse perspectives and experiences to the region.

Early days of Silicon Valley

The film delves into the history of Silicon Valley. It traces the early Chinese immigrants who came to California during the Gold Rush, the building of railroads, and the 1964 Immigration Act. This led to a new wave of highly educated overseas students studying in the US. It features interviews with Asian American entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds who have made their mark on the tech industry. They include founders of successful startups and engineers who have contributed to groundbreaking technologies.

Their story of achieving their American dream to become thriving leaders of their corporations will inspire generations to come. It’s what makes Silicon Valley unique.

Interviews with notable Asian Americans

The film includes interviews with notable Asian American entrepreneurs, scholars, and leaders in Silicon Valley. They include Kenneth Fong, Tai-Li Hsu, Hsing Kung, and the family of David Tsang, Rose Tseng, Annabell Saxenian, Chenming Hu, Evan Low, etc.

“Builders of the Silicon Dream” is a must-see film for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, and the immigrant experience. It provides a unique perspective on what makes Silicon Valley a special place for Asian American entrepreneurs.

Breaking stereotypes

“The film aims to break the stereotype that Asians can’t be leaders. It is a social issue profoundly affecting Asian Americans’ leadership visibility in America. Diana Ding, the film’s producer, said, “Through their stories, we hope to inspire future generations of Asian Americans to pursue their dreams and become leaders in their own right.” 

Film’s director Tony Shyu added, “This film is a powerful testament to the vital role that immigrants have played in the success of Silicon Valley. I believe this film will shed light on the unique experiences and challenges faced by Asian American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley”.

The film concludes with the cultural diversity of Silicon Valley and how it has helped to foster creativity and innovation. It explores the unique perspectives and experiences that immigrants bring to shaping the tech industry and the American Dream. It has also sparked important discussions about immigration policy and how immigrants can help to drive economic growth and innovation.

Immigrant contributions

The film has been praised for its insightful look at the immigrant contribution to Silicon Valley. Like PBS Plus program director Michael Tang, “The film has lots of heart.” 

Railroads to Silicon Valley is the first film of a Docu-series commissioned by major U.S. networks and streaming channels. For more information about the series, go to the official website at

Filmmaker Tony Shyu previously produced a documentary about Anti-Asian sentiment caused by COVID-19, “The Race Epidemic.” It won numerous Best Documentary feature film awards and will be released nationwide on PBS on September 1. 

“The Builders of Silicon Dreams” is a project co-produced by Diana Ding of Ding Ding TV and Himalaya Entertainment. A special screening, co-sponsored by India Currents, will be held on May 28, 2023. Sixty high-tech leaders and community leaders such as Assemblymember Evan Low, will attend along with the stars and their families.

The picture shows a group of people on stage at an event
Vandana Kumar of India Currents joins Diana Ding of Ding Ding TV and others at an event (image courtesy: Ding Ding TV)

Asian American Stories video competition

This event will also launch telling “Asian American Stories” Video Competition” organized by Silicon Valley Community Media. It seeks to tell the stories of Asian American contributions both to the Asian American communities and to the mainstream. The aim is to bring communities together, promote diversity, racial justice, and equity and stop the hate, among others. 

For details, contact:

Francis Espiritu, Chair of Media, Asian American Stories Video Competition,  

Diana Ding, Chair, Asian American Stories Video Competition. Producer, Builders of The Silicon Dream, or call Diana @ 408-396-2601.

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